I just ordered J stones for diamond stud earrings...

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Fly Girl

Jan 9, 2007
thanks to what I have learned from all of you at Pricescope, and I sure hope this works!!!

I found Pricescope about three weeks ago because I am back in the market for a nice diamond. I lost my e-ring upgrade/25th anniversary ring and the insurance check has now arrived. Time to reeducate myself on what to look for in diamonds. I must say that all this help wasn''t here when I bought my e-ring upgrade about seven years ago, and I think it is great.

For many years I have wanted a nice pair of diamond stud earrings to wear for everyday, but I hesitated to buy. Mall stones didn''t have enough sparkle, and a nice pair of HoF earrings (.70 ctw, I-J color, white gold settings) costs $2,500 "on sale" at the local B&M. It is another $200 to upgrade to platinum. That''s too much for something I can''t look at for myself during most of the day!

Hopefully I have correctly absorbed your teachings about cut and color. Before Pricescope I would have insisted on G-H color and VS2 clarity. But it sounds like K color and SI1 will work fine in earrings, because sparkle is all about cut. Now, I am a numbers person, so I really wanted certificated diamonds so I could run them through the HCA. And, I know from wearing my now lost ring (it was a 1.5 ct, F, VS2, med blue fluor) that I prefer a bit of fluorescence. Finally, after studying Pricescope threads with the pictures of ears with earrings and considering my own favorites among the earrings I already own, I decided that I wanted stones that were no larger than 5 mm in diameter.

It all came together when I saw these two J diamonds on Blue Nile.

They are .42 and .43 ct, J color, SI1, GIA Excellent, both 1.4 on the HCA. Measurements are 4.82-4.86 x 3.00 for the smaller stone, and 4.85-4.88 x 3.01 for the larger. I''m thinking it is unlikely I will be able to tell the difference between them. And, they both have faint flourescence (I suppose blue, but don''t know for sure). Total cost is $1,125.

I plan to go with martini style platinum settings (not screwbacks) that I will purchase and have set locally. I know white gold is cheaper, but I reserve that for jewelry items I don''t wear every day. If I wear these beauties as much as I think I will, I''ve decided that I want the platinum. Blue Nile wanted $450 to set the diamonds into platinum, non screw back settings, which sounded like too much.

So that''s my plan for my earrings. When all this is done I hope to have slightly larger earrings than the HoF (.85 vs. .70 ctw) that are nearly as pretty for close to half the price. The diamonds are due to arrive in a couple of days. Like I said at the beginning, I sure hope this all works!

Thanks, and talk to you all later!!


Mar 14, 2005
Welcome to pricescope and congratulations on finding two nice well matched stones for earrings! This forum really does open up your eyes to understanding how much more important cut is than color or clarity. And as the owner of a Hearts on Fire ring I can certainly confirm that you can find diamonds that are just as well cut for much less money from some of the internet vendors. Post some pictures for us when your studs are done!


Mar 1, 2004
Oh, it''s just amazing what a little info can do for us. It is so empowering to be able to know that I will never again fall for a load of garbage spouted by a salesperson who has no clue. Congrats and welcome. Don''t forget to post pics when they come in.



Jul 25, 2004
Congrats!!! My husband gave me a pair of ACA J SI1 earrings from WF about that same size. You are going to love them!


Jan 21, 2006
It looks like you really learned a lot here! Congrats on your purchase, I''m sure they will be lovely. Please come back with pictures when you have them.
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