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I just have to give Brittany at whiteflash props...


Jan 1, 2020
Hey, gang. I hope this is an appropriate place to post this thread, because I really want to give a special shout out to Brittany at whiteflash for going above and beyond on her customer service. I recently bought a .65 round brilliant diamond from whiteflash to go with the James Allen "true hearts" stone I had purchased earlier(for a set of earrings). the price on the James Allen diamond was nothing short of magnificent (the quality of the "true hearts" line overall is spotty, but THIS was one of their better specimens, with a deep red ideal scope and great hard numbers/stats). I bought the .65 from whiteflash wanting to see how well it matched up with the James Allen diamond, and it did match VERY nicely. But I had a certain budget in mind for this earrings project, and the whiteflash Diamond was significantly more (even though they are the same color, size, and clarity). When I regretfully messaged Brittany to let her know that I was passing on the diamond due to price, she went out of her way to get a price reduction for me. I didn't even ask for a reduction in price, in fact--- I asked for the RAN number to return it. She just took the initiative herself to try and make the deal happen for me, and did it with such uncommon grace AND efficiency. But that's not all. I also ordered some inexpensive right hand fashion rings, and a pair of striking gemstone earrings from Tacori's Emma bloom gemstone collection (modestly priced but very pretty sterling silver gemstone jewelry--- perfect as gifts and holiday stocking stuffers). Stunning pieces, but they came in a decorative little drawstring pouch instead of ring boxes. When I inquired about the tacori packaging for the gemstones, Brittany could tell I was a bit disappointed.... and she sent along 2 beautiful cherrywood ring boxes (white flash has some REALLY pretty Jewelry boxes), free of charge. And, again, without me even asking for it. And I made 2 changes on the items I ordered--- including a return-- in order to get a different gemstone piece, and Brittany handled all of it so smoothly and quickly.
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