I have two dresses now...which one?!

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Jan 21, 2006
Hi everyone, I now own two wedding dresses and I need to decide which one.

Here is my first one that I purchased a while back:
I still love this dress, but it needs about $200 worth of alterations (I''m holding the back tight to show you what it will look like). It''s a size 8 and needs to come in to a 4p.

So, on a whim I purchased the jcrew vivian style dress that was on sale for $99, then 30% off that, and then a final 10% off that for about $76 with tax and shipping included. It comes in a 4p and it fits true to size and I don''t think it needs *any* alterations at all!! The fabric is actually really nice and looks beautiful in person. At first I didn''t really like how it looked on me, but the more I walked around in it the better I felt. I don''t think it does a lot for my figure, but it does look very pretty in person and I do like the overall look.

Help, I can''t decide! Keep in mind that neither can be returned and dress #1 requires $200 worth of alterations. I can however, probably sell either of these for close to what I paid for them.

Independent Gal

Nov 12, 2006
The JCrew looks great on you, and the fabric actually looks nicer than the one you got at Macy''s.

Can you still take the Macy''s one back? Or sell it on craigslist or ebay or something? Or you could also give it to a ''white elephant shop'' or whatever they''re called, and that way maybe someone who couldn''t afford a dress any other way would have one, and you''d be helping whatever charity it is. I just thought of that because a good friend of mine got married in a condition of dirt-poordom and bought a wedding gown from a charity shop and was so thrilled and happy to be able to wear a gown for her wedding.

OK, I''m babbling.

My vote: JCrew!
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