I finally pulled the trigger!


Sep 13, 2011
thanks all who helped me sort through numerous diamonds. I finally pulled the trigger - now I just need to ask her! I ended up purchasing though Blue Nile. After looking through and speaking with several retailers, I chose Blue Nile because she has a very specific setting she likes which was $1,000 cheaper than the only other place I found (A. Jaffe). I found blue nile's diamond prices are a bit higher than others like James Allen, but I ultimately saved money especially with the 20% discount code BN has.

Heres the specs:
Carat: .8
Color: I
Clarity: VS2
Depth: 62.6%
Table: 56%
Crown angle: 36%
Pavillion angle: 40.8%
HCA score: .9
Flourescense: Strong Blue (supposedly being an I color, this will actually appear whiter)
Price: $3,243 (plus 1.5% cash discount)

I originally purchased a stone that was .06 carat larger, but a J color and SI1 with a pavillion angle of 40.2. Based on the forum response, the pavillion angle was too low and I called and changed my order.

I think this stone will reflect nicely based on the specs. Its unfortunate that I cant see before purhasing, but I will take advantage of their return policy if necessary. Does anyone see any concerns with the stone? I know the HCA score isnt the determing factor, but based on a .9 I think its a good sign. I realize it is a little deeper than ideal, but should be within tolerance, no?

The setting I chose is very unique. 1/3 carat, platinum,
$1048 after discount. Same A. Jaffe ring (18k white gold) was $2,400.

Also, I was pretty happy with the way I paid for the ring. I could have paid all cash, but would have been left with a fairly empty bank account. Instead, Chase had sent me a blank check offer for balance transfers for 0% for 12 mos. 1% BT fee. I wrote the check to myself for the amount of the ring purchase, then wired cash to take advantage of the 1.5% discount. It worked out great - 0% interest, .5% discount, and Im able to stagger the cost with little cost to me. Worked out great if anyone else is thinking of doing this.

Out the door I paid about $4,200 for a 950 platinum, 1.13 total carat weight GIA cert. ring. Definately was able to get her a much better ring than $4,200 would have gotten at a brick and mortar store.

Thanks everyone!


Aug 16, 2011
Congratulations and best of luck to you on your engagement :)


Dec 17, 2008
Please post pics when you get looks like its going to be very pretty and I really want to see real
pics of that setting! Congrats!
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