I am so so pleased.


Oct 15, 2015
After looking out for diamond melees to purchase online for a long time, with a few setbacks, i finally found a melee supplier with high quality goods.
I've ordered melees in the past from different companies and always ended frustrated with their sloppy sorting or low clarity. Even though i ordered specific sizes and clarity. I've always ordered the minimum amount to get a sample of their goods, so my loss was never that great.Until i came across a relatively new melee vendor, I believe, although he is many years in the diamond trade, I've recently ordered several sizes of melees, and can't tell you how pleased i was. Expertly sorted, great clarity and excellent makes, no broken stones, or chips. SI was SI and VVS was VVS. They even have fancy pink melees, which are soo hard to find unless you wanna spend like over $10,000 per carat. Anyways, its Denir Diamonds, ask for Michael and hopefully you'll be as satisfied as i am.
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