How you knew that diamond was "the one"? Parameters? Charm?


Nov 4, 2013
Wanna put the question out there - when you're choosing an engagement diamond, how have you known it was "the one"? Did you pick by parameters/grades? Or did it have a certain charm? Strictly light performance?

Background (which you can rightfully skip): My partner wants me to pick anything I want, and we've gone ring shopping probably 10 times. I've tried on all sorts of styles and shapes. I like the idea of an oval or an old cut, but we've been searching since July with the top vendors - JA, GOG, Brian Gavin, Jewels by Grace, etc - and I haven't found a diamond that I particularly like, with $$$ out the door in shipping costs.

I feel awful that my partner has to push back his potential holiday proposal plans because I can't find "the one". We saw an average cut K colored oval (looks white 90 percent of the time, but it's color in direct sunlight is...very yellow) set with two square sapphires that I'm thinking about telling my partner to buy just because...I'm tired of looking and it's absolutely not fun anymore. And for whatever reason, I don't seem to like any of the ideal cut stones, just the mediocre ones.

So: how did you pick your engagement diamond? Was it love at first sight (with the diamond)? Did you just pick one and learn to love it?


Apr 30, 2005
Re: How you knew that diamond was "the one"? Parameters? Cha

Since you asked, I bought the Octavia asscher in my avatar from Good Old Gold.
Here's how I knew it was "the one" ...

I read about it here since one of our brilliant members, KarlK, designed it.
The videos and ASET images convinced me to give it a try.
I love its great light performance and the personality of the cut, both in still pics and live.
Unlike most great cuts it has a very high crown which gives it wonderful light performance off axis too.
I don't have to flip my wrist up and look straight down into the top to get a great light show.

I don't mind that asschers face up small for their weight because that means they must look large for their weight when viewed from the side.
Lucky me! ... The side view was important since was going into a tension setting.
I see it from the side more often than I see it from the top.





Feb 14, 2005
Re: How you knew that diamond was "the one"? Parameters? Cha

I understand - it's hard to pick "one" (that's why I have several!)

You mentioned you like old cuts - have you seen an AVC or AVR in person yet? Seriously - so beautiful. And the Canera versions look spectacular as well. Pictures do no justice to the real thing - even videos fall down for me sometimes. But when you see them in hand it's a different story.

I would seriously consider ordering a stone you like from a vendor with a great return policy. Play with it for a while. You'll know if it's what you are looking for once you spend some time with it. I have an AVC, and no picture or video I've ever seen of them (and there are a lot (thanks Jon!)) can hold a candle to the light show it puts out in person.

Please don't settle. You will always regret not finding "the one".

That said... why do you have to have a ring to get engaged? We didn't - he proposed, then we picked out the ring later.


Apr 21, 2010
Re: How you knew that diamond was "the one"? Parameters? Cha

I didn't care for diamonds at the time we got engaged, so we married with matching 7mm white gold bands. Flash forward some years, and I suddenly fell for diamonds and wanted an ER-style ring. For me, it has taken several years and quite a number of purchases to figure out what I really like on my finger is a square shape diamond...

My first diamond ring was a WF colorless ACA round solitaire, and I upgraded that ACA to a larger near-colorless ACA stone and a different setting. While I thought my ACAs were beautiful and bright, they just didn't feel like "me." So then I bought/returned/sold a number of different diamonds ranging in color and shape with about half being modern cuts and the other half antique cuts. Just in the last while have I finally realized that the diamond ER-style ring I happily reach for each day is a small Asscher solitaire, or an even smaller bezelled diamond cushion ring. So now I'm searching for a larger colorless square stone as my final diamond purchase.

OP - if you really can't decide, rather than settle for something just to be done with the search, perhaps choose a simple band ring or a diamond eternity band to act as your ER and give yourself the time to find the diamond that really sings to you.
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