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How to 'smuggle' the ring to the holiday proposal?!


Feb 14, 2014
So, I have a really good proposal plan, that i've decided I'm not going to tell a single person about. I want her to be the first person (aside from me) to find out the plan when it happens :) (That's more of a sentimental thing than a practical thing)

What I can say tho, is that I'll be taking her on holiday, and organising a surprise on the other end. (I know I can get insurance etc to cover the ring - which I am in the process of sorting out - so don't worry too much about that bit).

My question is, with all this increased security and things how do I go about getting the ring out and through security while she's standing next to me?! I'm not literally talking about 'smuggling', but lets say I have it in my wallet (wrapped up) and they see it on the scanner and ask me to take it out, what then?!

I obviously can't leave it in the check-in luggage, so I have to carry it with me somehow. My wallet, or possibly laptop bag (although I don't need to take my laptop for any other person) seems like the sensible places to store it.

The only thing I could think of was to print a little message on a card, that I could show the security officer, so they would be more discrete if they did ask me to show them?

Has anyone else done something like this before? How did you do it?

Second issue is that it's a VC Halo, and i'm not sure how i'll be able to wrap it up and store it. If i keep it in the box it'll be hard to get through, unless I keep it in my laptop bag I guess.

Any suggestions, tips, thoughts?


Jan 9, 2014
Hi there, and congratulations! :)

You shouldn't have any trouble with airport security in terms of setting off alarms. Jewelry is typically too small to trigger the metal detectors. I think putting the ring in your laptop bag is a perfect idea! Jewelry is absolutely allowed, so again, you shouldn't have any troubles there. Carrying a note isn't a bad idea, just in the event that you were elected for a random search or something of that nature. Anything you'd normally carry in your laptop bag might be possible to use as a cover. For example, a sleeve for a disk, or even a notebook. The inside pages could be cut out and the ring taped inside. There are a lot of possibilities, and you'll just have to get creative with it! Just know that the fact that you have a ring shouldn't be enough to cause you trouble at the airport.

Congratulations again, and good luck! :)


Jul 7, 2013
Wrap it inside a pair of socks, in the carry on luggage as a spare pair etc.?

DK :))


Feb 11, 2014
I would definitely take the ring in a carryon, but put it in a laptop bag or something similar (off your body) that you don't take through the body scanner. Good luck, and don't worry too much!! I've had friends sneak a ring in their carryon with no trouble. :))


Jan 11, 2009
Back in april we flew to NYC and I just packed it in my carry on in the bottom of one of my shoes and there was no issues at all.
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