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how to recognize/mark an enagement, with only one partner present...

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Regular Guy

Jul 6, 2004
First I..then my wife and family and I would simply spend time with my parents to recognize their anniversary...and they did have more than 50 years together. A simple gift would go along, that might be a plant, etc. But, my father passed this last year. The situation is not complicated, and what we will do will not be significantly different this year...we''ll again get together with my mother...actually as we do now get together every week, and this time it will be on the first of January (or so), which also marks my parent''s anniversary.

I just recalled this morning, though, that it will be different this year. If anyone has any simple thoughts on ways to mark the difference, they are welcome.


Jan 11, 2006
Ira, I think it will be lovely to spend time with your mother since undoubtedly these first holidays and anniversaries without your Dad will be difficult for her. But you do not technically continue celebrating anniversaries after your spouse is no longer living. So just be there with her, plan a nice dinner out to keep her busy, and let her talk about it if SHE wishes to. I don''t think you should initiate anything about it. Be there for her but let her decide how much she wants to talk about that subject.


Jun 15, 2006
I think planning a nice dinner is a wonderful idea. If either one of you enjoys cooking perhaps a nice meal at home would be a nice way to commemorate the occasion. Some flowers and the ability for her, as well as your wife and you, to reminisce.

ETA: Perhaps, if you think she would enjoy it, going to his favorite restaurant or making his favorite meal would be a good way to include his memory into the day.
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