How much does it cost to alter a corset top?

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May 2, 2006
My wedding is in a little over three months. My mom has been doing the alterations to my dress. It fits me like a glove, so she was just taking the straps off and hemming it. We went to visit my parents this past weekend, she had me try it on again, and now it doesn''t fit anymore! It''s a little bit loose on top. I don''t keep track of my weight or anything, so this came as a bit of a surprise. There is boning all around the top, and it zips up (not a tie-back).

My mom doesn''t have much experience with corset tops - have any of you had one of these altered? Is it expensive? I know my mom could do it, but I don''t want to make her work so hard, especially when she has been doing so much to help me already.

I''ve just started riding my bicycle to and from work now that the weather is nice again (11 miles total), so I don''t think I''d be able to put on more weight before the wedding.


Jul 5, 2007
Aloros, I had a corset top put in my dress. I have no idea how much the actual corset was, but my overall alterations were about $350. Along with that, I had the train cut off, made the dress tea-length, which in turn meant that the bodice and to be attached and reattached to the skirt, had alterations at the bust, and gave the neckline a sweetheart curve - so there was a lot of work for that $350.

So, I''d say that the corset top probably cost around $150 of that? I''m also in the midwest and had alterations done at the shop where I bought the dress.

Another thing, just as a possible heads up - we ordered the dress pretty big to be able to put the corset back in, and I was never really happy with how much gap there was (I still wish there had been less), so you could run into some problems there.

Hope that helps!! Good luck :)


Mar 24, 2007
I would see if you could get the zipper changed into a lace-up corset back. Then you wouldn't have to worry about minor weight changes. Plus, I think lace-up backs are just plain awesome (my dress has one).

ETA: Not sure regarding cost, but what Elmorton said sounds reasonable.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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