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How many diamonds have you owned?

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by dreamer_dachsie, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. dreamer_dachsie

    Dec 16, 2007
    by dreamer_dachsie » Jun 1, 2011
    Just for fun! I got thinking of this when mentally cataloguing my own ridiculous escapades :rolleyes: I know there are a couple of you out there with equally shameful lists of trade-ins and exchanges :rodent:

    I am thinking diamonds in pieces like earrings, solitaire/three stone rings, or pendants, rather than melee, though if you want to list diamond bands feel free!

    If you like, list the specs and whether or not you still own the piece 8)

    I'll start, listed in chronological order:

    1 -- 2x .50ct D/E color ECs, sides in a three stone -- Traded them in.
    2 & 3 -- .60ct F I1 diamond in a pendant -- sold it to my BIL, it makes an amazing e-ring for my SIL!
    4 -- .80ct J VS2 -- trade in for upgrade
    5 -- 1.16ct. K Si1 -- trade in for upgrade
    6 -- 1.21ct G Si2 -- trade in for upgrade
    7 -- 1.67 ct J Vs1 -- Still got it! Love it!
    8 & 9 -- 2x .35ct J VS2/Si1 RBs, presently in earrings -- Still own them! Love them!

    So I have owned 9 diamonds since 2007, but presently only possess three of them! :rodent:
  2. Circe

    Apr 26, 2007
    by Circe » Jun 1, 2011
    Heh - I'm the complete opposite. I'm a total hoarder, so I still have oodles of pieces that I will never, ever, ever wear again - one of my goals for the summer is to actually sell the bloody things and put the money towards something I'll wear!

    The only one(s) I've ever parted ways with came from a broken engagement. Besides those ....

    - One 7 carat rough green "pearl" diamond ring, acquired for my 21st birthday: still in my possession.
    -One 6 carat rough white "pearl" diamond ring, acquired for my college graduation: still in my possession.
    (I don't wear either of these since I got engaged, because I don't want diamond to rub on diamond, but I wore them nonestop for 5 years or so - I need to figure out how to do so again, as I miss them!)
    - E-ring, 1.46, J, VS2 (could only be pried off my cold, dead, hand, and even then ... with effort and elbow-grease)
    - Pendant, 1.3, E, SI1 (not planning on trading it, occasionally consider hunting down a mate for it to wear them as dangles and seeing what's out there in the way of a bigger pendant
    - Earrings, .72 and .73, H SI2 (bought with the possibility of upgrading, but now that I have them, they sort of seem perfect)
    - A serious substance abuse problem w/eternity bands. 'Nuff said.

    And, of course, whatever is to come once I sell off a crapload of ex-jewelry and not-quite-right-presents ....
  3. canuk-gal

    Apr 19, 2004
    by canuk-gal » Jun 1, 2011

    My Father was a jeweller and had a large business in the city I grew up in--so I began collecting at a young age. I have lost count of the gold, gems, pearls and diamonds that have passed thru my hands. Some with much regret.

    I do, however, have an Estate Birks ring my Dad took in on trade. It is a large diamond cluster (70's) that had a dismal emerald set in it. It is the only ring I have kept all these decades and recent bought a Dery cushion cut Spess. to replace the emerald. I love it all over again--totally OTT but just my cuppa.

  4. kenny

    Apr 30, 2005
    by kenny » Jun 1, 2011
    23 . . .
    White diamonds we currently own:

    0.25 round (no report)
    0.44 H SI1 Round
    0.24 Emerald Cut VS (no report)
    0.82 Round ACA E VVS1
    0.83 Round Solasfera F VS1
    2.26 Asscher F VVS2
    1.34 Octavia Asscher H VS2

    Fancy Colored Diamonds we currently own, but which live in a dark cold bank vault ;( :
    While I love them all this is roughly my order of preference . . .

    0.26 Fancy Intense Green OEC Round VS2
    0.10 Fancy Red Radiant VS1
    0.16 Fancy Vivid Blue Oval VS2
    0.08 Fancy Intense Greenish Blue Pear VS1
    0.12 Fancy Grayish Violet Pear VS2
    0.16 Fancy Intense Orangy Pink Heart I1
    0.27 Fancy Deep Purplish Pink Emerald VVS1
    0.23 Fancy Vivid Green Yellow Radiant VS2
    0.33 Fancy Vivid Yellowish Orange Pear VS1
    0.33 Fancy Vivid Yellow Asscher VVS1
    0.19 Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow Heart VVS2

    FCDs I've traded in:

    0.15 Fancy Intense Pink Pear SI1
    0.12 Fancy Deep Blue Emerald SI1 (I was an idiot to return this; I wish I'd kept it. ;( ;( ;( )
    0.65 Fancy Yellow Heart VS2
    0.18 Fancy Light Bluish Green Emerald VS2
    0.16 Fancy Intense Green Blue Pear SI

    All diamonds, except noted, have GIA or AGS reports
  5. Laila619

    Apr 28, 2008
    by Laila619 » Jun 1, 2011

    1) engaged once before I met DH, and it was a tiny little thing from a mall store--1/3 carat and no clue on color or clarity, but it was actually really pretty and sparkly
    2) DH proposed with a .98 H SI2 Leo--very beautiful stone, but once I joined PS, shrinkage set in and I wanted bigger :wacko:
    3) a year after our wedding, we bought a 1.80 H SI1 AGS0 that is soon to be set finally
  6. vintagelover229

    Jan 23, 2008
    by vintagelover229 » Jun 1, 2011
    Lets see not counting the .010 chip ring I bought at 16 my "real" first one was a .85 cushette I SI1 that I upgraded when GOG came out with the AVC pro types. I then upgraded to a 1.31 J SI1 AVC. I sold that stone (relationship ended) and now own a 1.64 H VVS1 H&A RB for my e-ring. However in the middle there I bought a pair of studs ~.75 ctw OMC/OEC which I'm selling to fund the larger martini 1ctw OEC earrings I now have. I also have a nice snowflake diamond OMC/OEC diamond pendant ~.75ctw and then a very small diamond pendant with a filigree square design around it. I also have a diamond band (that I should sell) and a diamond/pearl necklace/earring set in WG that I adore as well.
  7. lbbaber

    Feb 18, 2011
    by lbbaber » Jun 1, 2011
    Hmmmm, not many!!!

    I've given away to my sisters after my divorce:
    1.02c RB E Vs1 (my 1st ering w/tapered baguettes)
    7 stone wedding band (with 10 pointers)

    I currently have:
    1.61c Princess E Si1 (in amphora halo)
    2.1 ctw eternity band (10 pointers)
    2ctw Huggies (20 pointers)
    .5c RB bezeled pendant

    Have but NEVER wear:
    Journey pendent aprox .5ctw (pre-PS)
    Bracelet w/ VERY DULL diamonds (pre-PS for sure :roll: )

    I have BIG plans to add to this list! :naughty:
  8. lbbaber

    Feb 18, 2011
    by lbbaber » Jun 1, 2011

    Kenny, this is an AMAZING list!!!! I want to play in your jewelry box. :mrgreen:
  9. marcy

    Feb 27, 2007
    by marcy » Jun 1, 2011
    Wedding rings:
    Original ering .27 ctw - rings now a RHR with a spinel in it, diamonds now in a WG heart pendant
    .33 ctw anniversary band - traded in
    1/2 heart diamond - wore with 3mm comfort band - traded in comfort band for anniversary band then returned it as well - kept the heart diamond for RHR
    .53 solitaire and .33 ctw PC wedding set - traded in wedding set for 1/2 ctw anniversary band and .30 ctw 3 stone ring - traded in for the .81 solitaire and new wedding rings
    .81 solitaire mounted in solitaire ring and bought new 1/2 ctw anniversary band - traded in .81 ct solitaire
    1.03 solitaire mounted in solitaire ring and 1/2 ctw band above

    .20 ctw diamond studs (received with my original ering) - now side stones on pink sapphire RHR
    1/3 ctw PC studs traded in for 1/2 ctw PC studs which are now side stones on a rhodolite RHR
    1/2 ctw PC studs WG
    .72 ctw RB studs YG
    .88 ctw. RB dangle earrings
    1/4 ctw YG dangle earrings sold to friend
    1/2 ctw WG j hoops
    .33 ctw dangle earrings WG


    1/2 ctw tennis bracelet - returned in 30 days
    1 ctw WG tennis bracelet - sold to friend
    2 ctw WY tennis bracelet - sold to friend
    1 ctw WG fashion bracelet
    2 ctw YG tennis bracelet

    1/4 ct. solitaire - sold to friend
    1/2 ctw heart - sold to friend
    .33 ctw fashion pendant (had 2 segments of 3 diamonds in triangle - had them cut apart and made in to dangle earrings)
    1/4 ct. solitaire WG pendant
    1/2 ct. solitaire YG pendant
    1/2 ctw heart pendant
    .21 ctw heart pendant (has my diamonds from my original ering and ring guard)

    1/2 ctw PC WG bypass ring
    .33 blue diamond - sold to a friend
    .71 EC diamond with .30 ctw baguettes
    .50 heart diamond in WG with PC diamond and baguette accents (the heart diamond was first RHR, then I wore it as my ering, then bought my 1/2 ct RB ering so got a diamond enhancer that I wore with heart diamond as RHR and traded the enhancer in for the diamond / sapphire semi mount)
  10. maplefemme

    May 12, 2011
    by maplefemme » Jun 1, 2011
    I have owned no where near as many :blackeye:
    I don't have good luck with diamonds...
    My first diamond was in a pendant with a gorgeous Spanish pearl, I was a teenager, it was a gift from my mother, I swallowed it by accident (please, don't ask!) and I didn't exactly want to go looking for it, if you catch my drift :shock: that was the begining...
    I lost my first engagement ring diamond (was a "sign" lol) a 1.5ct princess, 3 months after I got it, rescuing a dog. We had no insurance as we cancelled the house insurance because we were living with my Father for two months prior to taking possession of our next house. I had to replace it with something *unmentionable* :oops:
    There's a diamond I have inset into a hot pink/red spinel in 1920's ring, I love that ring, I could never part with it.
    My 4th diamond is a 1ct RB bezel set into a pendant, which I last week dropped down the sink :o
    Thankfully my other half managed to fish it out of the trap before it went into to sewer....he's worried about my track history :confused:
    Now he just bought me Softly Softly's OEC, and we will be getting insurance right away on it, actually I'm amazed he trusts me with it! :knockout:

    Has anyone else ever lost their diamonds?
  11. Black Jade

    Aug 21, 2008
    by Black Jade » Jun 1, 2011
    Eighteen, not counting sidestones and not counting the diamonds in a tennis bracelet.

    Everything except one thing, though, is under a carat. It all lives in the bank, except when I wear it, which isn't much at the moment. I did wear a diamond ring last night to the ballet, but then it was back to the bank.
  12. iheartscience

    Jan 1, 2007
    by iheartscience » Jun 1, 2011
    Fun thread! Some of you all have exhaustive lists!

    Let's see. I have (in order of when I got them):

    -A tiny diamond (maybe .10?) promise ring from my boyfriend when I was 14-15. He was the only one who thought we'd get married someday. ;))
    -1.25 ctw graduated 5 stone diamond ring that was my grandmother's 25th anniversary gift
    -.10 set upside down in an oxidized silver bezel setting
    -1.51 G/SI1 e-ring with 2 .2 carat baguette sidestones
    -.3 ctw bezeled 3/4 eternity wedding band
    -.62 ctw I/VS2 ES diamonds in handmade bezel earrings from WF
    -.557 K/SI1 BGD Signature in Barbara necklace setting from BGD

    And more to come soon! :cheeky:
  13. Dancing Fire

    Apr 3, 2004
    by Dancing Fire » Jun 2, 2011
    ONE...a 1.47ct rb that was loss in a robbery,sooo for now i own NONE!!... ;(
  14. asymons412

    Mar 25, 2011
    by asymons412 » Jun 2, 2011
    My first and only real diamond (for now... :Up_to_something:) is my engagement stone, 0.73ct H VVS2 princess. ::) Many more to come, for sure!
  15. Haven

    Feb 15, 2007
    by Haven » Jun 2, 2011
    Not many.

    I currently have:
    - 2.30 ct antique cushion (engagement ring upgrade)
    - Two 0.20ish OECs in the ring I inherited from my grandmother
    - 0.22 RB from a failed engagement (he wouldn't take it back and I can't sell it!)
    - 24 teensy tiny 7 pointers in my wedding band :)

    I once owned:
    - 2.01 ct modern cushion (original engagement ring)

    SO, I've really only owned two substantial diamonds, and I traded the first in for the second. I love my current stone and ring so very much that I can't imagine upgrading it in the future. I know never say never, but I'm in love.
  16. Trekkie

    Apr 21, 2010
    by Trekkie » Jun 3, 2011
    Not nearly enough! :naughty:

    I loved reading all the stories that came along with the diamonds, so I have probably included way too much detail in mine!

    1. A ten pointer in a yellow gold maul-store ring from a boy who liked me when I was 15 or 16. I can't remember the boy at all but I remember the ring very clearly! I stopped wearing it after a few weeks because it looked too grown up on me. My aunt quickly snapped it up.

    2. .18 or .23 (it was sold as .18 but when we reset it it came back as .23. Who knows what it really was?) in a white gold el fako tension setting. It was my engagement ring from my ex-husband. I returned it when we broke the engagement.

    3. A 1ct emerald cut solitaire. A crazy Greek guy I was dating proposed. I refused, but he insisted on buying me a diamond anyway. He said it would eventually grow on me and when it did, I would say yes. Crazy, I tell you, crazy! But I was on the rebound from boy number 2, star-struck and the Greek had such pretty blue eyes so I said ok. The moment I saw all the diamonds I went a bit nuts. I knew about the 4 Cs but not much else. The Greek demanded something big and gaudy and "befitting of [his] status", I wanted something plain and simple, so I chose the smallest diamond on show. We're still friends, and to this day he still jokes that I instinctively gravitated to the most expensive diamond there. When we split up I returned the ring.

    3. A few months later, boy number 2 proposed (again). He gave me the same ring. Again. This time I insisted on having it reset into something which suited me better (hence not knowing the weight of the diamond). When we divorced he demanded that I return it, even though I had paid for the reset. I handed it over without regrets.

    4. 5x 20 pointers set in a five stone. This was made in Tanzania and the stones were uncerted. My local jeweller appraised the stones as F/G VS. What I now know about appraisals tells me that it's impossible to appraise stones in their settings, but oh, well. It's a pretty ring. I called this ring my Promise Ring because I wore it on my left ring finger as a promise to myself never, ever to be that stupid (get engaged) again.

    Then I met my FI... and I fell in love.

    5. My engagement ring is a .51 G VS2, Hearts and Arrows in a simple solitaire setting. I love it to bits.

    6. .58 R VS2 round. I bought this to have a ring made to celebrate a milestone coming up in October. It was a pretty stone, I loved the colour but the cut was quite meh. I returned it and bought number 7.

    7. .76 Q VS1 pear. I loved the colour and the size but the bowtie drove me nuts. I returned it.

    8. I decided to go the antique stone route as I had always loved those as a child. After weeks of searching I found an uncerted .56 J/K/L antique cushion for the equivalent of US$350! To sweeten the deal, the guy offered to throw in 3 smaller diamonds, too. I immediately grabbed them, even though I doubt I'll ever set them all.

    Then my mother died and left me a ton of jewellery. Most of it is yellow gold, a lot of it came from maul stores, none of it is my style. The only thing I sort of like is a .40 solitaire but it's in the most hideous yellow gold setting with little white gold leaves along the sides. Really, truly, pukeworthy. An eighties design for sure. I've told my brother he can reset it when he eventually proposes.

    I don't think I'll change my engagement ring. Partly because I'm silly and sentimental, but partly because I have realised that like Rosetta, I don't really get DSS. I just get MDS (More Diamonds Syndrome).

    I still want:

    1. A pretty split-shank setting for my .56 so that I can wear him as a right hand ring.

    2. I need to set my .23 so that I can wear it as a pendant.

    3. I desperately need diamond studs, probably also in the .20 range.

    4. If I get number 3 I will (of course!) need a bigger pendant...

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah! PriceScope! What have you done to me?!
  17. kateydid05

    Jun 10, 2010
    by kateydid05 » Jun 3, 2011
    None :( I've never owned any actually!
  18. dragonfly411

    Jun 25, 2007
    by dragonfly411 » Jun 3, 2011
    My list contains:

    .25 marquis with .10 in accents ring
    .32 emerald cut F VS2 GIA cert
    .10 solitaire pendant uncerted
    .25 cluster ring my mom gave me for 16th birthday

    various diamond accented pieces include:
    watch with two diamonds
    cross with .20 diamond accents
    .25 three rounds in a toe ring
    Tanzanite ring with .20 in diamond accents
  19. yssie

    Aug 14, 2009
    by yssie » Jun 3, 2011
    Wow... there are some collectors on this board :cheeky:

    0.85 RB w/ 0.3 RB sides - returned
    1ct RB w/ 0.33 RB sides - upgraded centre, downgraded sides' colour
    2x 0.43 RBs in studs
    2ct RB w/ 0.33 RB sides - upgraded centre, buyback on the sides w/ vendor (ouch), cannibalised the 2x 0.43 for new sides
    0.92 OECs - new studs, still have them
    2.7 RB w/ 2x 0.43 sides - still have it
    1.2ctw antique cushions - just got my bracelet yesterday!
    And honourable mentions - 0.1ctw Tiffany baby bezels - gift from the ILs, and still my favourite and most-worn earrings ::) and 0.5ctw earring drops from my grandmother that I actively hunt for excuses to wear
  20. Hera

    Jul 12, 2007
    by Hera » Jun 3, 2011
    Ooh, I have a shameful list:

    .75 g vs2 that was so sparkly but I traded it in for a larger one. I totally regret that decision because it became the holy grail of sparkliness than no other diamond has ever come near (even my current ideal cut).

    1.01 h si1 (upgrade)

    1.10 h si1 (upgrade)

    1.29 h si2 (upgrade and while it had a great hca, it also had fish eye)

    1.59 i si2 My current stone that I love. It has a slight grayness that masks the warmness.

    I also have three diamond settings. One is a shared prong, a three stone with yellow diamonds, and a three stone with baguettes.

    An art deco ring with a very lumpy (or cracked) old mine cut.
  21. nfowife

    Mar 15, 2011
    by nfowife » Jun 3, 2011
    I don't have a very extensive list but I hope it will grow in the coming years :)

    2.04 G/Si1 RB diamond in a .5 G/VS setting that I lost.

    2.27 I/Si2 RB AGS000 diamond in a .65 GH/VS setting that I got to replace it.

    .85 (5x.17) bar set wedding band.

    1.5 tcw H/I/VS RB studs

    I also have a tennis bracelet with tiny melee stones, no idea on quality of those. Never wear it because it's yellow gold.
    I also have a vintage bracelet that was a wedding present from my grandmother that is diamonds, pearls, and platinum. I know nothing of the color/clarity/carat weight on that either. I need to get it appraised soon. I only wear it on special occasions as it's pretty fancy looking.
  22. NOYFB

    Nov 16, 2008
    by NOYFB » Jun 3, 2011
    Hmm...let's see:

    When I was 16 I had a small (maybe .10 ct) "pre-engagement" ring. I returned it to the guy.
    My grandmother had given me a beautiful pearl ring with 2 diamond side stones (very small) when I was in high school. I kept losing the pearl out of the ring and have no idea where the ring (with the diamonds) is now. :oops:
    My DH bought me a pair of .25 ct. diamond studs for my 30th birthday.
    My first e-ring was 4 princess cuts set in an illusion setting. TCW .25 Those stones are now side stones in my sapphire RHR
    My first upgrade was a .52 H I1 princess cut (before PS, obviously)
    I have a heart pendant with 20 stones (don't remember the TCW)
    My e-ring is a 1.19 with 4 side stones
    My eternity band is 20 stones
    I have 8 tiny baguettes that were removed from an old anniversary ring
    And my BGD hoops have 60 stones each (I think)

    So, how many is that? 123? But only 2 of substantial size. :lol:

    Edited to add: I also had 2 tennis bracelets in my past, from maul stores. Not sure how many diamonds were in each one.
  23. D&T

    Oct 27, 2008
    by D&T » Jun 3, 2011
    .40ct princess cut first e-ring (still have it)
    1.01 ct J RB - sent back to upgrade
    1.21 ct K RB -upgraded
    1.22 ct PC – swapped to asscher
    1.32ct J asscher – still have
    .62ctw Js Buyback w/vendor
    .61ctw RBs in studs – in process of being reset into bezel leverbacks
    .31ct RB Pendant – in process of reset into 3-stone semi bezel ring w/ yellow sapphires
    .50ct RB S-T bezel ring – sold
    .27ct OEC bezel pendant still have

    Can’t remember all the others (since they were less than .10ct each stones), I’ve either sold or recycled, but apparently the ones I’ve listed are the most memorable :wacko: .
  24. kenny

    Apr 30, 2005
    by kenny » Jun 3, 2011
    Well, Okay.
    But you have to take me out for a nice swanky dinner and then to a movie. :twisted: :D
    Then you can have your way with me :Up_to_something: , I mean my jewelry box.
  25. jaysonsmom

    Mar 13, 2004
    by jaysonsmom » Jun 3, 2011
    0.1 ct solitaire (from an ex-BF)-I still have it, my daughter wants it
    0.81 ct F/SI2 RB first e-ring (traded in for upgrade)
    1.21 ct E/VS2 Princess (traded in for upgrade)
    1.59ct F/VS1 RB (given by my mom, but then taken back by my dad)
    1.12 ct H/VVS2 (given my mom, this is my current pendant)
    0.71 tcw 7-stone band (still have it)
    0.63 tcw princess and round mixed band (still have it)
    1.81 ct H/SI1 current e-ring for our 10 year anniversary last year (still have it)

    My only regret about my collection was when my dad took back the 1.59 ct RB that my mom gave me. She's not into diamonds, and never wears them because she feels that they draw attention to her "ugly" hands. I bought a beautiful Ritani setting to set her stone in, then my dad found out that she gave me her diamond, he was mad that I'd accepted it in the first place! He said I shouldn't be taking my inheritance prematurely, and that my mom had plenty of good years left to wear her diamonds. Anyhoo I had to reset the diamond in it's original YG setting and sell the Ritani at quite a loss..... ;(
  26. Farleysmom

    Apr 7, 2010
    by Farleysmom » Jun 4, 2011
    Hmmmm....let's see

    .25 ct F (bought at age 17, still have)
    .40 ct G VVS2 (original e-ring, now set in pendant)
    1.0 ct G (sold to upgrade)
    1.5 ct F (sold to upgrade)
    2.0 ct L with 2 x .80 J sides (3-stone, still have and love)
    1.0 ctw 5-stone (dismantled to make 9-stone)
    1.8 ctw 9-stone (still have)
    3.2 ctw eternity ring (still have)
    1.5 ct emerald cut RHR (sold to upgrade)
    2.5 ct RHR (new and loving it)
    1.0 ctw eternity ring (still have)
    1.5 ctw diamond band (still have)
    1.0 ctw diamond bands (still have)
    .75 ctw diamond band (still have)
    .40 ctw diamond studs (still have)
    1.37 ctw diamond studs (still have)
    1.0 ctw diamond studs (still have)
    2.0 ctw diamond tennis bracelet (still have)
    5.0 ctw diamond tennis bracelet (still have)
    4.13 ctw diamond bangle yg (still have)
    5.0 ctw diamond necklace (sold)
    3 x .20 ct unset diamonds (still have)

    I have several other smaller pieces and have given several rings, etc. to my sister but these would be my major pieces. I better not let my husband see this list. LOL
  27. Tanzigrrl

    Sep 17, 2010
    by Tanzigrrl » Jun 4, 2011
    Uhhhh, let's see:

    5 stone band .75 ctw
    Edwardian ring 1.12 OEC center stone, .60 sides
    5 carat diamond tennis bracelet (round and baguette)
    1.70 ctw diamond hoops
    .29 ctw "anniversary" style toe ring
    .75 ctw Asscher studs
    .92 irradiated blue diamond
    1 ctw black diamond studs
    1 ctw irradiated pink studs
    2 OECs (getting weighed/graded right now, so unsure on size)
    antique YG studs .50 ctw
    .68 pear shaped diamond pendant
    .10 carat round in an anklet (in the process of upgrading now)
    .20 stud for my extra ear piercing
    1.30 ctw melee in my 'parcel' awaiting a project

    other miscellaneous diamonds that are part of colored stone jewelry...

    I have never traded in a diamond, I get too attached to them. :appl:
  28. diamondseeker2006

    Jan 11, 2006
    by diamondseeker2006 » Jun 4, 2011
    1.0 F SI2 rb original e-ring (still have in original tiffany setting, do not wear, will give to a daughter eventually)

    1.63 H VS1 H&A rb set in Leon solitaire (current e-ring, was for an anniversary)

    1.5 ctw H SI2? studs, no longer have (pre-pricescope, traded for Ebel watch with diamond bezel!)

    1.5 ctw H VS2, H&A studs, no longer have (gave to daughter)

    1.3 ctw G VS, H&A studs, current studs (prefer these for everyday wear)

    1.0 H VS rb given to me by my mother, had BG recut to .80, set in milgrain bezel pendant which I love!

    4 ctw tennis bracelet (10 point stones)

    3 diamond wedding bands

    Items I still own are in bold. I didn't include jewelry where the diamonds were not the primary stone.
  29. Amys Bling

    Jun 25, 2010
    by Amys Bling » Jun 16, 2011
    I love reading about everyone's diamond journeys!

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