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How exactly do you propose? Steps needed


Jan 19, 2018
Hello everyone, to make a long story short, I have the ring and location. It is during a stroll around a beautiful garden that we've been wanting to visit.

Anyways, I just realize that I do not know exactly how to propose. More specifically I am not sure if I pull the ring out of the box, or do I present the box to her with the ring in the box (opened) while I am on my knee?

The way I see it is the following steps and I would like to know if there is any unecessary steps listed below

1) Little sweet talk and a reminder on how much I love her and would like to marry her
2) Grab the Box from my pocket
3) Get on one knee
4) Present Box to her, and open
5) Pull ring out and ask her to marry me
6) And then place ring on her finger once she says yes

Is this correct?:confused2:


Jul 12, 2015
USUALLY when it’s done in the traditional way, as you describe, you get on one knee and then hold the box in your hand but open and facing her so she can see the ring and then ask her to marry you/do you the honor of becoming your wife/spend the rest of her life with you/however you want to word it.

That being said, as long as you say something to the effect of “will you marry me” at some point in your speech, you’ve officially proposed, regardless of all the other tidbits and window dressings :mrgreen2:
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