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How durable are shared prong rings?


Jun 14, 2008
My research for the perfect ring reset continues! I'm leaning toward a five stone diamond band with graduated stones with a tcw between 1.25-1.50. I love the look of shared prong settings but have heard from some friends who have them that they have had problems with lost stones. How common is this? I was also looking into the Memoire shared prong rings, which I've heard guarantee against lost stones and are very securely set, but I would have to opt for a 7 or 9 stone ring instead since a 5 stone the size I want is out of my price range in their line. Would a shared prong 5 stone from say BGD or Whiteflash be fairly durable? I plan to wear this ring daily and while I would remove it for house work, heavy lifting, etc. I don't want to worry about losing a stone doing daily activities. Is there any other type of setting that gives a similar low profile look that is more durable?



Jun 23, 2005
I can only speak for the Memoire five stone shared prong band. It has been totally durable for five years of wear - no stone issues at all. I don't wear it to do heavy house or yardwork but I do wear it everyday and give it an ultrasonic bath everyday. It's been a pleasure to own this ring.

I'm sure others with rings from BGD, WF, and the like will chime in with their experiences. My guess is that overall there is very little stone loss with shared prongs bands.
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