How do you affordably find specs of a cheap 'diamond' ring?


Jan 9, 2010
I'm trying to help someone find the specs of a cheap heirloom gift (small "diamond" engagement ring)that they don't want and are considering selling/trading in (they already have cherished sentimental heirlooms and don't want this one). I've never ran into this situation before-- my heirlooms I know their origin and general value and around when they're from usually and I wouldn't sell mine.

Jewelry store I've gone to here charges $85 for a basic appraisal. I doubt their ring is worth more than $200-300 if that, but I could be way off. The color looks a bit off to me, too white.

It doesn't seem to make sense for them to pay $85 for an appraisal when the stone might only be worth a few hundred or even way less. It's an heirloom, decades old so no receipt, too tiny a stone for anyone in their family to remember its origin or value. Marked 14K.

How can an amateur like us "judge" your cheaper stones that probably aren't worth all that much more than the appraisal itself? Or, rather, How do you decide if they're even 'worth' having professionally appraised if you don't plan to keep them?


Mar 2, 2013
Re: How do you affordably find specs of a cheap 'diamond' ri

If you are curious if it's a real diamond, most jewelry stores I have been to are willing to test it for free. They may be willing to measur th stone for you also so you have some idea of its appropriate size. From there, I would just try to find a like item on DB, LT or eBay that has sold or is for sale to get an idea of possible value. Look closely for any possible makers marks to be sure it's not a branded item which could influence value. Also, you could post a picture of it in the antique section of PS and see if anyone knows anything about it or has thoughts about its origin or age.

Good luck! :wavey:
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