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How about these two cushions? good cut or not?


Dec 17, 2008
pricescopenewbie|1453797072|3981622 said:

well PSers, what do you think?
They both look like they could be decent. I prefer the SI2 over the Si1 though. Looks like it might be more eye-clean to me.
Verify with JA whether they are eye-clean or not.

Edit...I know you posted a list of stones are a few that I found. I would consider them maybe not the best but
the nicest ones that JA has at the moment. I'm not sure what your tolerance for inclusions is...I would ask them about the .64
and see how eye-clean it is and whether the feather is an issue. Some people totally stay away from feathers're working
with a budget so...BTW not sure what your budget is.

Is this for an engagement ring or something else? For an e-ring I would stick with an eye-clean stone. For a pendant or RHR I*
might not care as much. Does it have to be a cushion? most of the inclusions look white


Mar 23, 2015
Hey Tyty, thank you sooo very much for the replies! the cushions you picked for me look good, esp that GOG and .64JA. they all fall in my budget as well. I am not picky with inclusions since my budget is around $800 and this is gonna be a pendant. i am leaning toward cushion, but round is also in my consideration.

how do you think of this one:
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