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Hoping to get your opinions on a repair!


Jan 13, 2015
Hi everyone!

I never post, but I love to read around PS and gawk at beautiful things!

I am hoping to get your thoughts on a potential repair/change to my engagement ring. My fiancé bought it in a store while we were on vacation in Europe (because he decided he needed to propose at THAT moment). Very romantic, but as you can imagine, I might have done something different with the same budget. Long story short, it's my ring now, and the diamond is not centered well in its halo. I brought this up with the local jeweler who resized it (yes, it was also the wrong size :wall: ) and he said that he had adjusted it some when I picked it up post resize.


I wasn't particularly thrilled with this jeweler's work, so I didn't follow up. I went to another local jeweler who told me he would not adjust the diamond/prongs because this could affect the pave and he didn't want to be liable for a stone falling out... And finally, when I got an appraisal from a local (recommended on PS) he said that it could be adjusted but might need to be re tipped.

For me, this is not a dream setting (it is 14k), and I don't want to dump a bunch of money into it. The off-center thing does bother me. Has anyone experienced this or can a pro put in their two cents?

Thank you!!!!!


Aug 29, 2014
If its not your dream setting, I'd probably suck it up and wait it out. Save up for a new setting that you adore, sell this one or use it for a RHR. I notice the gap, but I don't think its detrimental. Id rather not put any money into something you are going to replace soon (if you are), but if it makes you love your ring, then it might be worth it.
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