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High Performance Diamonds Testimonial - Highly Recommended


Oct 5, 2018
Profile: Overseas / Australian buyer looking for a bespoke and great value engagement ring

I was in the market for an engagement ring early this year and was researching around using PriceScope / Google / Friends etc. Came across High Performance Diamonds which a friend recommended and was reaffirmed through other testimonies on PriceScope and blogs. Would highly recommend HPD due to the following:
  • Exclusive jeweller of Crafted by Infinity Diamonds which produce amazing and superbly cut diamonds
  • Great and prompt customer service (as an overseas buyer the Sales Associate, Layla, was very helpful and responsive and provided as much detailed information as I requested and required to make the best decisions around the engagement ring)
  • Many detailed photos, designs and videos of the ring and setting were provided to me to get the closest look I could to make the right decisions
  • Ability to create a bespoke engagement ring to your specific requirements
  • Well-organised logistics, my diamond arrived into HKG ready for me to pick up on the specific date I requested with no delays or hiccups
  • Excellent bang for your buck
Overall, I received great customer service from HPD and an excellent engagement ring that wow'ed my now fiance; she found the ring super sparkly, not a light endorsement given she also works in the jewellery industry. HPD's the way to go for a unique one-of-a-kind and excellent value engagement ring!
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