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Aug 7, 2002
We have started to look at Diamonds determining what she likes and in general determining how to pick a diamond. I have read a lot of the pointers and information but I am still at a bit of a loss. For example when I go into a store what do I look for? Obviously we have to pick the style but what should I be looking for in a diamond. In general I am looking for a bit of help in refining my searching techniques because the last thing I want is to be taken.

My girlfriend loves and wants a princess cut what should we be looking for in a princess cut. Most information is not geared towards a princess cut, can you again help.

Finally what is everyone’s opinion on white gold or plantium? What should I go and what should I know about the differences and all.

In advance thanks for you help, and sorry if I sound so naive about this stuff.


Jul 22, 2002

You probably need to determine budget...which will determine the other four "C's". You also need to weigh what is important.

Is size the most important? Is quality the most important. Most people, including me, fall into the middle.

What I recommend - GHI stone VS or SI1. You can do a search on pricescope here and get a feel for what's out there.

A good start is to take the tutorial (above the rocky talk banner) and then digest it. Go look at some stores - just to see what might appeal to her and her finger -(knowing full well you are not going to buy). Don't discount buying a stone on the internet. Many have and may have been quite happy and saved $ w/ internet long as you use caution (i.e. get an independent appraiser - which many of the internet dealers recommend) If you want to go with a local jeweler then go to a recommended independent jeweler - the quality of stones in mall jewelry store tend to be off.

Next, determine if the princess cut is really what she wants. One of the experts on this board can inform me - but I think that cut appears to the eye to be smaller than the carat weight. I'm a round diamond appears larger than some other cuts and truly show the beauty. But, the decision is yours to make.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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