Mar 29, 2011
Hello everyone. I've been checking out Pricescope and there is tons of helpful information! I can say that after spending a few days on this site, I am significantly more knowledgable about diamonds. With that said, here is my dilemma:

I've been looking at rings for a few weeks now and was totally set on biting the bullet and purchasing a Classic Tiffany Setting engagement ring from Tiffany. I went in and looked at a few diamonds that I thought were worthwhile and decided on a 1.74 carat H color, VS1 diamond. I was really hoping to get my future fiance a 2ct+ diamond, but after seeing the prices at Tiffany, I realized that I couldn't swing it. I was even willing to increase my budget to afford the 1.74 ring! BUT, after going to check out the rings and seeing the diamond's cut proportions, the ring didn't seem to be worth the money. (They wanted $28,800 for the ring) I even entered the specs into an HCA calculator and it resulted in a HCA score 3.2 (which I thought was low given the amount of money being spent). Therefore, I decided that it would be best for me NOT to go to Tiff and instead start my search again and see if I can find a larger/whiter stone with more brilliance. I was all set on getting the Tiffany ring, but my common sense kicked in and I am going to try another route.

This is where I need you guys help. I am very skeptical about purchasing diamonds online, and need to get over the hump. I also live in NY and know that there may be vendors here who can show me their inventory. Is there anywhere you would recommend to purchase a diamond in NYC? I really liked the Brian Gavin website but realize that they are not local and I cannot view stones easily. I think I may try and purchase a diamond first and then get it set. I'm running out of time, but I'd rather wait and make a decision I'm comfortable with.

Just so you know, my budget is $25k for the diamond and setting (platinum Tiffany Classic Solitare replica setting). Ideally, I want to get a 2+ carat RB diamond with good clarity (am scared of SI1's, but its a mental thing I need to get over). I also want an Ideal/excellent cut on the diamond.

Can any of you PS's help me out with any suggestions? I appreciate your help in advance! Thanks.


Mar 21, 2011
2,047 is in NYC so you can find something you like online and just see it in their store~


Sep 9, 2008
GoodOldGOld is in Long Island.

Most need to make an appointment before hand so give them a call on the stones you want to view.
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