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Help with Reviewing a 1.5 VS2 F Round Diamond


May 3, 2011
Price: ~ $17,500
AGS#: 104046888004
Report Type: The Platinum Light Performance Diamond Quality® Document
Shape and Style: Round Brilliant
Measurements: 7.32 - 7.36 x 4.51 mm
Cut Grade: AGS Ideal 0
Color Grade: AGS 1.0 (F)
Clarity Grade: AGS 4 (VS2)
Carat Weight 1.501
Fluorescence: Negligible
Light Performance: 0
Polish: Ideal
Symmetry: Ideal
Table: 56.8%
Crown Angle: 33.1
Crown Height: 14.0%
Girdle: Faceted, 2.4% to 4.4%
Pavilion Angle: 41.1
Pavilion Depth: 43.5%
Star Length: 51%
Lower Girdle Length: 79%
Total Depth: 61.4%
Culet: Pointed

HCA % - 0.9
HCA Angle - 1.4

Can someone please help me review this diamond based on its proportion? The only thing that worries me is that the Crown Angel is lower than what i want at 33.1 and the Pavilion Angle is a little higher than what i want at 41.1. Should i be concerned about these angle falling out the optimal range? This is a AGS Tripe 0. WF has an ACA diamond that im also considering that is imaculate for an additional $2,000. I'm not sure if i should upgrade and get the ACA or stick with this. Thanks for all the help everyone.

farmer gal

Mar 26, 2011
It is hard to say without looking at images of it. I don't know if you have looked on JA at all, but I have posted some here below that look really promising. If you call them their gemologist will evaluate 3 stones for you and tell you which one is the best without the obligation to buy. You can also request asset images, I bought my diamond from them and they were a pleasure to work with :appl:

If you wanted to spend 2000 more


May 3, 2011
Thanks for the help Farmer Gal. I'm planning on going to WhiteFlash to check out the diamond in person this Friday. I was just curious as whether the Crown and Pavilion Angle is still acceptable/ideal given that it falls outside the optimal range that i've been seeing with BN Signature Ideal and WF ACA ranges.

I guess a better question would be, Is a round diamond with Crown Angle: 33.1 and Pavilion Angle: 41.1 still be an ideal diamond? or is that a bad angle combination?


Jan 11, 2006
If AGS says it has ideal light performance, then I am sure it is a pretty stone. But I personally do not like flatter crowns and stick to the 34-35% crown angles that you will more likely see in the WF stone. Lucky you to get to go there in person!
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