Help with Fancy Intense Yellow Stone

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Jun 1, 2001
Dear Pricescope experts,

I am looking at a 6.01 ct Natural Fancy Intense Yellow diamond and need to make a purchase decision very soon. I need your advice on the stone quality & pricing and would very much appreciate your input.

The stone is mounted on a handmade custom platinum setting with two halfmoon side stones - Fine color (E-F) white diamonds weighing a combined total of 1.57 CT. with VS-VVS clarity. The picture is attached.

Description about the center stone from its GIA cert:

Cut-cornered square modified brilliant
6.01 ct
Fancy Intense Yellow
Natural Origin
Even Distribution
IF Clarity
10.36*5.36*5.88 mm
56.8% Depth
77% Table
Slightly Thick to Very Thick
Culet None
Good Polish
Good Symmetry
Fluorescence None

Is the diamond poorly cut? I feel that the depth is too small and the table too big. Yet from the picture, the stone looks beautiful.

The price is $77400. Is this a good deal?

Thank you so much in advance. You guys are the best.

Best regards,



Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
Hi Virtue. Gorgeous ring.

The shallow depth and wide table gives the stone that "shimmering" look throughout the center of the stone, which in essence is a broken up reflection pattern.

Although technically this cut would rank "fair" or "fair to good", the look is actually popular among many fancy cut enthusiasts, and in particular among many fancy color - fancy cut enthusiasts.

The most important factor regarding value in fancy color diamonds is color, color and color. Cut takes much more of a back seat in fancy color diamonds than in white diamonds. This is not to say a well cut stone won't bring more, because it will. But the majority of fancy color stones don't have premium cuts. This may change over time, but right now seems to be the rule of the land.

The price seems very fair, not out of line at all. Like all purchases, I would recommend having it checked out by a savvy appraiser before you make a final commitment.


Jul 8, 2004
Hi There,
The girdle is a little bit thick, does it have any flourescence, if it's none. That table is little big.. However, what is the Polish & symmetry? If it's good, very good, or excellent. It's definitely a good buy...

Since you didn't provide that information, I can come to the conclusion if it's a good buy or not!
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