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Help with engagement ideas. TSA and other questions


Mar 28, 2012
Hello all,

So I've kind of backed myself into a corner here. I'm a fairly romantic guy, and I tend to go big for birthdays, Christmas etc. Not so much on the amount spent, but the fan fare behind of few of my gifts perhaps should have been saved for something like an engagement.

For example, we took a trip to SoCal (where I spent 6 years in college) for a friend's wedding. Her birthday fell on the same weekend so I decided to do something out there. She had never been so I decided to make up a bunch of cards/fake postcards that led us on a scavenger hunt around LA to all my old spots and famous areas (school, Hollywood, Sunset Blvd, etc.). The last hint lead us to Beverly Hills. I pulled the rental car over and got a box out of the trunk. Inside it was my credit card and a photo of Rodeo Drive. I told her it was hers and we would be spending the afternoon shopping Rodeo Drive and she could get whatever she liked. I am by no means rich, I just have a great girl who I KNEW would not take advantage of the situation. In fact I had to beg her to just enjoy it and spend a few hundred bucks.

Anyways, I feel like my proposal should at least be better than that right? However, I don't want something over the top and crazy. Too many things could go wrong. She and I are both the types that want something special, but simple and romantic. Unfortunately its cold this time of year up here in Michigan and she despises being cold so I am limited to indoors. Many of the things we enjoy here in Michigan rely on the outdoors (up north, wine tours, lakes, etc.) so I am screwed until May for anything outdoors. Ice skating, skiing etc are all probably not her ideal setting. She enjoys that stuff to a degree, just not how she would like to remember the engagement I'm sure.

We are going on a warm weather trip in Feb/March and I thought that might cure all this. However her one wish is that she does not want to see it coming. She wants to be totally shocked. We've talked enough about it that she knows its coming sometime before summer I suppose. I am afraid a trip will be too obvious. Or worse will I even get it past TSA without them snooping and ruining it? Anyone have any experience with this?

Not really even sure what I am asking. Sorry for rambling. As with most guys I am confused. I have read tons of ideas, but none seem "just right" or original enough.The dinner proposal type thing seems too predictable (unless done in a special place). Many of those do seem nice and simple enough, but as I said it would bother me to have my proposal be less memorable and less of a story for her to tell than one of her birthdays. Thanks for reading this far!!! :wavey:


Aug 31, 2010
Whatever you decide to do, DO NOT, under any circumstance, put that ring in your checked bag.


Jan 9, 2013
I fly frequently. So with TSA as long as nothing else is suspicious in your bag they aren't going to bother you. Follow their rules with liquids etc and you'll be fine. If they do hassle you they will always offer a private screening room where your GF won't follow you to. Relax it will be fine.
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