Help with diamond upgrade


Feb 28, 2014
My 15 year anniversary is coming up and i want to upgrade my diamond. I have been trying to do some research etc and would like some opinions.
So, as of now I have a 2.24 round diamond G si1 triple ideal diamond. It is gorgeous, and I'm majorly on the fence about upgrading. I thought about a diamond bracelet, but know I won't get as much use out of it. I LOVE rings.
I've recently been looking at cushion cuts and find so many to be so pretty and just what I want. I've never owned anything but round though, and while I know passable info about round, have no idea what I'm looking for with cushion cut. I would like some more finger coverage (8.34~8.43*5.19 mm) but want to put in a simple setting. I have my round in a halo now and while I love it, sometimes I don't wear it as its too busy for where I'm going etc,
So, I was thinking of 3-4 carat cushion vs 2.80-3.50 round.....I probably need to see in person etc to assess and I will need to use my jeweler as they have the 100% upgrade policy. While I've always leaned toward ideal cut, I wonder if I would notice a difference and I should go down on that?
I realize that cushions face up smaller than rounds (am I saying this right?), and that is one reason I want to see in person.

I also wonder if I should go down on color to get a bigger size...for instance between H and I , there seem to be huge price the color that noticeable ?

I know this is a lot of questions, would appreciate any and all feedback!


Jan 11, 2006
You will generally get more for your money with an ideal cut round. Hard to find a cushion that will come close in light performance, and you'd definitely be looking through the haystack to find a reasonably well cut one. Never sacrifice cut on any stone, so stick with ideal cut specs on a round. But certainly, many people here go to H-I-J color when they upgrade to larger sizes. M2b's 4.5 ct ACA comes to mind. It is I color, but because of it's outstanding cut, you just don't really see the tint.

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