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Nov 22, 2020
Hi Everyone,

I've been a long time lurker and have learnt so much about diamonds over the past 6 months or so from reading so many threads on this forum. Now that I am ready to pull the trigger, I've signed up to get some insight from all you helpful folks.

I'm based in Australia so looking for somewhere I can purchase the diamond and setting from the same vendor.

Budget is around $2500 USD for the diamond only (I've taken into account the conversion rate and import taxes into the overall budget along with some money set aside for the ring)

Looking for the best possible cut to get as much sparkle as I can from my budget
0.80ct would be a good size
Colour - preferably up to H and maybe I
Clarity - VS2 is ideal

I'm happy to be talked out of the above specs if there are better deals/diamonds out there.

I'll look at getting a white gold solitaire with 4 prong setting from the same vendor

What do you think about some of the ones I spotted below? I've only focused on WF, BN and JA at this stage as they come up the most frequently on this forum and seem to fit my budget.

I haven't reached out to any of the websites directly but that's what I intend to do next to get a hold of the full GIA certs.

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