Help Needed: vintage mounting advice


Jan 9, 2015
Hi all,

I have an OEC that is just under 8mm. It is L/M colored and has fluorescence. I have been looking for a vintage mount for it or the other option I have been gravitating toward is the Erika Winters Jin I was hoping to find something that didn't look "too engagementy" if that makes sense. My engagement ring is very simple. It is modeled after the Tiffany Etoile with my husband's grandmother's diamond that is ~.9ct transitional cut in a wg bezel on a yellow gold band. The band is as almost as wide as the diamond(band is ~6mm). My husband and I have been married for 20 years and I decided that while I adore my original ring and would never change it, I wanted an OEC and found a lovely facet pattern and fell in love. This will be a right hand ring.

I am looking for something that will protect the diamond and is simple, beautiful and classic which is how I arrived at the Jin. When I saw this mounting on the LAD website, I was immediately interested:

I know it is not a bezel but I love the illusion prongs, the deco looking basket, the small marquise stones along side, the single cuts in the crossovers and the peekaboo opening below those where it joins back with the shank and the square look to the setting (one of the things I love about the Jin).

Here is my dilemma. I had originally thought I wanted something without any other stones and probably not platinum and then I saw this. The mounting is lower profile which I really love and for one that has stones I think on the understated side. Since it is not what I was originally looking for I was wondering if anyone had comments about the style or how it looks with my stone. I will attach pictures. I struggle with artistic vision and was hoping for suggestions from those much more qualified! There is a tiny part of me that feels like it might be nice to have my larger stone in a much different style mount than my engagement ring. I do tend to lean toward bezeling everything!

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

Here is Erica's link to the mounting(I hope this is ok?):

Here are my pics with my stone:




Dec 15, 2015
Hi Lilysweet,

Especially given that this is a RHR, I love the LAF diamonds mounting!!! It looks gorgeous. I vote for that! Not too engagement-ringish either.

PS I love Erika Winters but I don't love the Jin. If you want to go with a totally non-bezeled look, what about the Margot? It's DIVINE (if e-ringish..but if you are not going to do a bezel, that's inevitable).


Jan 4, 2014
that is beautiful!!! two things though, it is a large ring finger size, what size are you? Also it says 8.5mm stone, and yours is under 8mm? I would just confirm it can be adjusted enough to fit your stone before committing? I absolutely love the setting though, stunning!


Mar 20, 2016
Oh I think that setting is lovely. I just bought a transitional diamond and am looking at setting it in a vintage style setting as its in a modern setting now and I don't think it shows up its beautiful cut as well. Go for it.
The Margot looks a bit delicate for a right hand ring if you are going to wear it on your right hand IMO.


Oct 11, 2011
I think the LAD setting looks less "engagementy" than the Jin. However if you like bezels and the style of the Jin more... go with what you like. Even if everyone one of your rings looks pretty much the same, you like what you like.


Apr 2, 2006
I'm looking to re-set a similar sized diamond for a right hand ring, and the Gin is one of the settings in contention. If I get that, though, I'd ask to have it made in a high polish finish, more like the original:


I agree that either "Gin" is would be very similar in feel to your Tiffany Etoile setting. If your styling generally is very clean and contemporary, that might not be a problem.

BTW, the other setting I'm considering is Love Affair Diamonds' Casablanca setting, which I think would also make a good right hand ring.

The vintage setting you found, it doesn't "speak" to me, but that might just be because I'm having trouble envisioning it with an actual stone set in the center! What matters of course is that you like it. It would be a nice contrast to the very sleek Etoile setting.
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