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Dec 19, 2006

I have been reading on this site for a while because I was planning to propose and I finally did. I went perfectly, but I have a huge problem. . .

I was referred to a local jeweler who came highly recommended. I had been researching diamonds on the internet and basically knew what I wanted to spend and how big I want the stone to be. I know my 4 C''s, so when I went to the jeweler I chose between a number of stones. I ended up choosing a J color Si1 stone. I looked great loose and when compared to I and H colored stones I could not see a difference. So I purchased the stone and had it mounted on a simple gold band. Here is the horrible part: my now fiancée can see yellow in the stone!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I look at it I can see it too! From the side, from the top and it looks really bad in artificial light! What can I do??? The stone is almost 2cts in size and I do not remember seeing the yellow when I was examining it before I purchased. Could the jeweler have switched the stone? I have an appraisal, but I have not received the original certificate from AGS. I have been assured I will get it.

Does anyone have any advice for my course of action with the jeweler and my fiancée? I am devastated, embarrassed and most of all I feel my fiancée is disappointed.

Regular Guy

Jul 6, 2004
Two thoughts:

Though unlikely any switch happened...did you "peg" anything in your view of the stone when you saw it...i.e., reading of the number on the girdle, visual of an obvious assure you what you saw then is what you got? Js, by definition, can look to have color, or so I understand. The lighting difference alone could do it.

Once you do due diligence reviewing it''s the same diamond purchased as intended...maybe have a heart to hear with your SO? Too much $ to be disappointed. I''ll bet your jeweler will cooperate with getting another. Just go maybe for H or so next time. Of course, have the provisional discussion with your jeweler before the one with your SO, to make sure they''ll comply.

Just some thoughts.


Apr 30, 2005
Perhaps the jewelry store spotlights caused so much powerful scintillation and fire and that you did not notice the body color of the diamond.

Body color is more noticeable under soft diffuse light, like fluorescent with those large plastic diffusers in the ceiling.

A 2 carat J will have a decent amount of body color when viewed from the side under soft diffuse light.


Nov 12, 2004
Well, my very first thought was: Is it mounted in yellow gold? If so, I would change the mounting to WG or plat, OR have it rhodium plated to white, Or have the head changed out to WG/plat.

It is my understanding the many diamonds with lower color grades face up white, but sometimes reveal their ''color'' when viewed from the side. Is this the case with your stone? Just how disappointed is your GF? If it were me, I''d be much more disappointed if I had to trade in a 2ct diamond for a much smaller "whiter" one...but that''s me.
Some people are super color sensitive...

I do know that there are some very beautiful J-colored stones here on PS, and I''ve seen a few in person, too. Assuming that it''s a well cut stone, and you chose it having compared it side by side with "whiter" ones, then I''m thinking it must be beautiful. I''d sure want to consider changing the mounting to white metal first.

If the AGS lab report corroborates the jeweler''s description, I don''t know that you could take any action against him..

I don''t think I''m being too much help...I guess the bottom line is: HOW disappointed are you and your GF?? I wish you could readjust your thinking a bit so that you love and admire warmer colored stones like many others (me included) do.

Good Luck,


Nov 19, 2004
wow...dissapointed in a 2ct rock

i guess you and your gf should go back to the jeweler together and pick something you are both happy with.


Apr 6, 2006
I have a beautiful H stone and I can see the warmth in the color too. But I love it and have it set in platinum. Outdoors you can''t see the yellow color and in dim light you can''t tell either. But in warm lighting (indoors lit by incandesent lights) it shows up sligthly warm. If you really expect your diamond to be blue/white you need to up in color. If you can change the setting out of yellow gold and appreciate the color KEEP THE 2 CT!!!!

I am very color sensitive. I just prefer the G-J''s and not the icy white.
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