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Apr 8, 2003
Been browsing the board for the past couple of weeks. Thanks for the great information! As a typical guy, I had no idea what the 4 C''s even were before I came here. Anyways, after reading a bunch of your posts and getting pricing info over the net, I''ve decided that I''m definitely purchasing the ring over the net. I went into a few stores and just feel uncomfy with the whole situation; they put too much pressure on you to buy that day and get defensive when you start asking questions. Well, I can''t explain why but I just feel most comfortable purchasing the diamond from So I think I found what I want, but now I need some opinions as I still don''t really know what I''m doing. Here are the specs:

Stock #: LD00521267
Carat: 0.80
Cut: Signature Princess
Color: F
Clarity: VS1
Depth %: 67.7%
Table %: 70%
Symmetry: VG
Polish: VG
Girdle: Medium to slightly thick
Cutlet: None
Fluorescence: None
Measurements: 5.35x5.14x3.48
Crown height: 9.2%
Length/width ratio: 1.04
Price: $4,576

What are your thoughts? Nice diamond? Overpriced? Fair price? Do you have any suggestions on any comparable diamonds? What I''m looking for is an ideal cut 0.8-0.99 princess cut, colorless, no less than vs1 diamond with a platinum four prong setting all under $5K. I want to purchase the diamond and setting all in one place. Thanks in advance!


Oct 30, 2002
Visit and click on 'Grading Charts' or 'Charts used to determine Grades'. Click on Princess. It will load in a chart that you can match the specs of your stone to in order to see where it falls on the AGA grading charts. Keep in mind that the charts are not foolproof, nor do they mean your stone is going to be great, but its a good way to rule out stones that may seem like a great deal, and then you notice that the depth puts it in a 4b range.

1a, 1b, 2a, 2b are pretty good cuts, nothing to scoff at. 3a-4b is more of the typical store and/or mall quality, so would suggest possibly veering away from those if you do want an excellently cut stone.

Will also suggest checking out SuperbCert's princess cut stones as I have heard it said many a time on this forum that Barry's SuperbCert princesses are some of the best cut princesses out there. They also have many recommendations from forum members who have purchased.

Good luck!!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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