Help me pick out a wedding band!


Aug 29, 2011
Hi! I am new to Pricescope and am after some advice and imput from all you bling junkies :D

So DH and I eloped a few weeks ago, and as we did it as a spur of the moment kinda thing we were married without wedding bands. So, now I have to pick out my wedding band.

My engagement ring is a round halo, about 1 ct (I *think*) centre stone.It is currently getting resized and I don't have any good picture on my computer, but it is quite a dainty setting and the shank is about 2mm. I have been lurking online jewelers after not being able to find a band at my local jeweler where my ring is getting resized. I don't really like the matchy matchy look, so I want something complementing.

Here are the bands I have been oogling:
I love the look of 5 stone bands

And I love this look as well ^.^ lots of bling!

But my concern with these rings is the width, they will both be wider than my e-ring. Is this a bad thing???? I wouldn't mind something more 'significant' for days I don't want to wear my e-ring.

I also love this style, but I would prefer either pink/ yellow sapphires. Is this company able to make it like this instead? And do you like pink or yellow sapphire better with diamond?
There is an amythest version I like too, however sapphire is our son's birthstone so there is some sentimental value there. The advantage of this style is it is a similar width to my e-ring.
I also like this- available in pink and yellow!

Here is the link to the stock photo of my setting in case that helps...

Any insight would be much appreciated as I am so indecisive :)


Nov 12, 2007
Edited since I asked for a photo, but you linked to one!

I think any of the ring options you listed could be nice on their own if you think the e-ring will stay home sometimes. I think I'd go with one of the all-diamond bands and then get one with colored stones as a present later.

Just wanted to say about the 5 stone from ID Jewelry: it's listed as being 0.08 ctw, so I don't think it's as wide as the actual image leads us to believe. This one: It is pretty, though! :cheeky:


Jan 18, 2009
One thing that occurs to me is that it may be hard to have the band sit flush with your engagement ring. Is that important? Perhaps call ID Jewelry and talk to them about the size of the band and whether it would be flush.
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