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Jan 11, 2006
These 4 stones are close to identical (well cut and size) other than two are G color and two are H color. Do you think the person receiving the diamond would prefer a higher color? Or if color doesn't matter, then I'd choose the one with the best clarity since SI1 can vary in eyecleanness, and then by price if some are equal. I think the WF stone has a black inclusion under the table, although it is classified as eyeclean, so you'd have to ask them about that. The BG .707 G SI1 has a feather under the table, and I'd eliminate that one. The .714 G SI1 has inclusions under the table. The .70 H SI1 might be cleaner under the table, BUT, my advice is to ask BG to pull the .714 G and .70 H stones and tell you which one is the cleanest from the top and sides.

However, I think there are some other good ones to consider with VS2 clarity:
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