Help me decide if it's "worth" it to do this


May 16, 2011
I have a wedding set that I've had approx 5 yrs. It's not my original set, but I love it very, very much. The e-ring is a .40 oval center stone with 2 smaller ovals on either side and the wedding band is 5 ovals, all smaller than the e-ring diamonds, all bar set. I *don't* love the setting, and never have, it was the ovals that lured me in. I'd never seen a set like mine and still haven't. A local jeweler recently told me in 30 yrs of business she had never seen one done with all ovals either. How true that is, I don't know, but it did somewhat confirm what I'd always felt, that it was a bit unique with the diamond shape.

I'm starting to get the bug to upgrade again and my husband is totally ok with it. I wanted to keep my current set and actually had decided that I wanted a mahenge spinel in one of the JbEG settings. However, to get a spinel of the size and quality I'm searching for, I might almost just as well search for a diamond - or so it feels ;-)

So now my dilemma is this: do I try to upgrade the diamonds from this set into a larger diamond or spinel or possibly try to reset these into something I like more? I just don't see how, though. I'm not a fan of the east/west setting for ovals, and I wanted to go bigger and into a halo, which I really have always adored. Part of the reason for keeping this set is on the chance one of my five children someday wants it, or if I occasionally wanted to wear it again. On the other hand, a local jeweler seems to feel it would appraise at a decent value and far more than I paid for it, but I'm not sure how that translates into upgrading or reselling or even how one goes about doing that.

Anyone have any ideas for me? I've been lurking here for quite awhile now and enjoying the forum enormously and decided to finally peek out and see what wisdom any of y'all might be able to throw my way. I'm tired of feeling indecisive :rolleyes: Thanks for *any* input!



Jan 11, 2006
Heather, selling a set second hand usually does not gain you all that much, so I'd keep the set since you love it, and it does sound really nice with all the ovals! I'd do a reset and then you can always get a spinel later. Or another idea is to buy a larger oval diamond for the center stone when you reset, and then use the current center stone for a pendant.
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