Help, Looking for help upgrading to a 1.7ct - 1.9ct

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Dec 26, 2006
My wife has a 1.01, apparently it was not GIA certified, the original dealer only gauranteed it would would be better than his appraisal or you money back plus 12%. He graded it as a H, Si1, 1.01ct. I payed $4,400 for the setting and all 5yrs ago. I want to trade this in on a nice 1.7ct to 1.9ct G-H, Si1-Si2. Is there anyway to accomplish this with out going through a brick and mortar dealer? I found two dealers within 150 miles that are considered "net friendly" on the Price Scope site. Shulan's Fine Jewlers in Akron Oh and James Allen in Frederick, MD. Any info on either of these or suggestions on how to trade in a diamond with a net dealer, or how to get my local dealers to match an online price found on pricescope?

Thanks Everyone!


Jul 25, 2005
a 1 ct H SI1, if attractive, will probably be easy to move. trade-ins, get a GIA report. consignment, maybe you don't need it.

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Apr 30, 2005
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Trading in your jewellery with a vendor who doesn't have an upgrade policy isn't always easy unfortunately, especially lacking a GIA or AGS grading report. It is usual to expect around 50% of what you paid if you can sell your item. See this thread which will give you lots more helpful advice

How to Resell Jewellery

I doubt that you will get a local dealer to price match an online price, as their overheads are so much higher, however you might be able to negotiate a discount, depends on the desirability of the diamond you want - i.e. how easy it is to sell and get full price for it.

Possibly one approach might be to try a consignment sale, but you would need a GIA report for that and have to take the chance of how it grades. Some online vendors do a consignment program, it works by them putting your diamond up for sale on their website, if a sale results they get a commission. However there are no guarantees as to how long it will take to sell, or even if it will sell at all.

Another approach might be to offer your diamond as a trade in when you find a diamond you want with that vendor, this would give you something back towards it, but it probably won't be what you paid for it.

I wish you luck, this is a question which comes up frequently around here, unfortunately diamonds are difficult to resell, but I really hope you are able to sell this one and find what you want!


May 15, 2005

How sweet of you to look to upgrade...

Without a GIA or similar certification, you will probably have a hard time getting a trade-in. You will most likely not recover nearly the amount you paid. Personally, I would try your ''local'' jewelry store first and see if they are willing to do a ''decent'' trade-in. If that doesn''t work, I would personally try to get a cert, if possible. Then go other trade-in routes.
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