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help finding a pair of sapphires for studs


Feb 15, 2011
I am looking for a pair of sapphires, to hold. And next year I hope to set them. But i am so lost. The price variation is so difficult to understand. I know that I want a pair from Ceylon or Madagascar. My max budget is 3k, but i hope to stay under that as much as possible. My wishful size would be 6mm in length, I want round or cushion

Is a heated sapphire looked down upon in the gem world? does it make much less valuable?

here are some of my choices so far,

this color seems lovely but they are out of my budget- unless i wait longer.

what i want them to look like:

I am obsessed with these earrings, I was even thinking to contact LM but I hate asking vendors for quotes when i am not gonna buy from them and I don’t think he would just sell me the sapphires now.

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