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Help finding 1.2-1.3 Ct Round Diamond. First time Need help!


Jul 13, 2011
Hi Everyone, just found this site and love it. I am currently looking for a 1.25'sh carrot loose diamond for an engagement ring, round cut, around SI1 or better, F color, excellent cut. I would like to stay around $10k (if you guys think that's even possible). Here are my questions...

1.I have found a GIA 1.26 ct round, F color, ideal cut, SI1. Local downtown dealer wants $11k. Can I do better?
2.What do you think about buying off internet sites if it's one of the big reputable ones vs local shops?
2.What do you think of buying off ebay if the site has all positive 1000+ positive feedback and the diamond is GIA certified?
3.Can you barter with local dealers over loose diamond prices?

Thanks in advance!

farmer gal

Mar 26, 2011
Re: Help finding 1.2-1.3 Ct Round Diamond. First time Need h

Since I really know nothing about the cut of the diamond you are looking at I'm assuming you want ideal. Here are three from JA they will look at three diamonds and tell you which one preforms the best, I would also ask if they are eyeclean.

I know you said you wanted F and higher but these G's looked nice and they should still be icey white.
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