Help choosing stud earrings for anniversary


May 1, 2016

I'm searching for diamond stud earrings for my wife that are a combo birthday/10th anniversary gift.

I'm looking for something around 2 total carats, round shape, simple platinum setting with a la pousette (also called guardian?) backing or some other option that is secure. She plans on wearing these daily, has an active job, and has told me she doesnt trust the usual (friction?) backs. She would take screwbacks but I've read that those can be uncomfortable and not all that secure anyway?

I'm mildly informed regards to the 4Cs but don't have a good grasp on the other factors you find in GIA reports like crown, table, etc, and am not clear what I'm looking at on these idealscope images although I understand they are meant to indicate perhaps most accurately what a stone will shine like in person.

I've visited some local jewelers and seen some earrings in person and have pretty much decided to buy online due to the markups at the B&Ms.

When I looked at some diamonds in person, I was shown things ranging from stones that were pretty clearly included to me when I held it close and even moreso under the loupe, that the jeweler was selling as SI, which I did not like at all, although I understand you might not see these from the typical distance that earrings are observed. Another jeweler showed me 1.4ctw VS2 earrings that were imo outrageously priced compared to online vendors.

My main questions:

1) Assuming I can find a stone with appropriate/excellent cut for studs, what kind of crown/table parameters matter? I've seen people post stones that they think look nice (and I did too) only to have forum members resoundingly reject the stone due to these parameters.
2) What clarity is reasonable to require for earrings? I've seen most people suggest something in the SI to VS range that is "eye clean," but I have to admit when I'm examining them in the stores, I dislike the inclusions. When I browse the images at a site like James Allen, it seems like things in the VS1-VVS2 often lack many markings at all but is the general consensus that these are a waste for earrings?
3) Where to buy...I buy most everything online, although not many of the purchases fall into this price categorty. I like James Allen because I can "See" the diamonds, although I've seen reports of people receiving different diamonds than they ordered. I was tempted to just get studs from costco due to the unbeatable return policy and 0 hassle factor, but the fact they dont grade their stones is annoying for a purchase of this size. I'd be open to anywhere that isnt going to rip me off or be a huge pain to deal with.

Budget is enough I think I can get what I'm looking at when I browse bluenile, JA or even costco. I'd rather not spend more than $15k all inclusive (setting, stones, taxes, shipping etc) and it seems like there are a number of options considerably less than this in the 10-12k range.

Thanks for your help.


Check out Whiteflash ACA stones. They will pair them up on their website. Also check out and they will pair them up as well, their signature collection.

Also, if you call Yekutiel at ID Jewelry and give him your budget and specs, he can find beautiful stones for you. I purchased earrings from him last month, 1.84 total carat weight and they are extremely sparkly and beautiful. He's easy to work with and can source some lovely stones. Tell him you were recommended by pricescope and you want stones equal to Whiteflash ACA stones. Highly recommend ID Jewelry. Good luck :wavey:


Jan 11, 2006
Mine are a little over a carat each and ideal cut from Whiteflash. They can be upgraded, but once I set my stones in platinum, I would hesitate to do it again. I would always go for nice quality diamonds. That means AGS or GIA graded and Ideal/Excellent cut. You may have seen stones in earrings that were not reliably graded, but you can get eyeclean SI1 stones graded by the above labs. I personally like either VS2 or SI1 for studs.

Looks like you can go for an H SI1/VS2 pair or I VS2 pair:




Oct 25, 2012
White flash seems. To have amazing studs they are a little more expensive but you get what you pay for and they have the upgrade policy. I have bought several things including jackets and studs from IDJ and I also think that he would get you fabulous stones certified or uncertified within you budget . I love my 14K white gold push back martinis setting they sit the best on my ears. I used to have basket but I prefer the martini. That's my opinion


Aug 14, 2009
HN3309|1462418408|4027447 said:
Thanks for everyone's input.

What do you think of these stones as a pair?,3646310

Why is that first stone in the comparison (AGS-104086119001) less expensive given that it is a VS1 and they are both well cut?

That is a wonderfully matched pair :sun: They'll be firecrackers IRL!

Re. pricing... it could be that the stone is slightly smaller. More likely it's due to some combination of when it was cut, retail pricing when it entered inventory and how long it's been there, when the last full moon was...
I can say for sure that there isn't a thing wrong with either stone in any material, practical sense :love:


Dec 7, 2004
Call Leslie at BGD. She matched a beautiful pair for my daughter a few years ago. Good choice on the LaPousette backs.
She wears them a lot and gets lots of compliments.
Best of luck.


Feb 27, 2007
Beautiful studs. Your wife will love them. Happy Anniversary. :wavey:
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