Hearts on fire diamond jewelry


Apr 22, 2014
Hi everyone! I have been looking at diamond necklaces. I like how hearts on fire claims that every single diamond in their pieces no matter how small is perfectly cut. I know it's easy to find a well cut center stone like for an engagement ring from other vendors, but for every little diamond -- I don't know of any others who ensure perfectly cut diamonds throughout. Does anyone have any thoughts on how important it is to have perfectly cut diamonds for fashion necklaces and other peices? Is it necessary/worth paying more? Are there other brands that offer the same level of sparkly well cut diamonds in their jewelry? Thanks so much!!


Apr 2, 2006
A well-cut diamond, no matter the size, is going to sparkle and generally catch the light more than a poorly-cut (or heavily included) stone. Most recommended PS vendors will use good quality melee (the smaller stones) in their pave etc. settings. Most however will use stones that their experts have selected for good performance rather than "certified" stones that have been judged by an independent lab to be good performers - if nothing else, the cost of using individually certified stones for melee would increase the price of pave settings out of reach for many consumers. I'd definitely trust Whiteflash and Brian Gavin Diamonds to very good quality melee in their settings. I'm not sure how it would work though if you buy a "name brand" setting (i.e Veraggio) through them. Those settings might be made by the manufacturer, with the diamond vendor having no role in the selection of melee stones.
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