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Heart & Arrow ...

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Mar 23, 2002
By just looking at the GIA certification, is it possible to tell whether a stone is Heart&Arrow or just round brilliant or do I need info on the pavillion also. I am considering the following stone...I have been told it is H&A but have never seen it and only have a copy of the GIA report. Could measurements and numbers on a certification ensure the crispness and symmetry of all 8 hearts and arrows?

Round Brilliant
Measurement 7.01-7.04 x 4.27
Weight 1.26 carat
Depth 60.8%
Table 55%
Girdle Thin-Medium faceted
Culet None
Polish Excellent
Symm Excellent
Clarity VVS2
Color F



Dec 31, 1999
You can't tell whether a diamond will display the hearts and arrows pattern unless you see it in a hearts and arrows viewer. Also, be aware that some diamonds that are marketed as showing this pattern do not show a true pattern. Although different brands and unbranded diamonds show slightly different hearts and arrows patterns, you can look here for a description of a good pattern:

Is this an unbranded diamond? Who is the seller? If you will be taking or sending the diamond to an independent appraiser before the expiration of the seller's return policy, choose an appraiser who knows what a good H&A pattern should look like and has a hearts and arrows viewer.

Also, ask the seller for a Sarin report so you can get the crown and pavilion angles. You'll get more feedback on the diamond that way.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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