Healthier Lifestyle Thread 19th May til 25th May

Discussion in 'Healthy Lifestyle' started by steph72276, May 19, 2008.

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  1. appletini

    Nov 29, 2004
    by appletini » May 25, 2008
    All the wedding was fun and I got several compliments on how great I looked so I was glad that my exercise efforts have paid off. I hadn''t seem some of the girlsi in many years but as a whole we all looked good. Also totally random my ex-uncle was there, if that makes any sense I hadn''t seen him in over 10 years so that was a nice was kind of funny that he didnt recognize me b/c I''m all grown up now.

    weather is looking a little overcast but hopefully that will change b/c I''d like to go for a walk today.
  2. Mara

    Oct 30, 2002
    by Mara » May 25, 2008
    marcy glad to hear you guys are okay!!! how scary for sure.

    OMG bee i love that photo you posted, greg and i were like WOAH look at those leg warmers!!! hehee. and matching wristcuffs!!!

    and yes, donkey kicks are fab for are squats and lunges! my trainer has told me a few times if you ONLY EVER DO ONE THING (or two really), do squats and lunges. they will keep your butt in shape.

    not much to report here...same ole same ole!! i did zumba and pilates yesterday...i am not really sore today but it takes a lot for me to get sore now, i kinda miss it!! but when i am doing pilates leg slides, which you primarily use the hip and upper leg muscles to push out with, i totally feel the burn which is awesome.

    we had brazilian steakhouse dinner last nite, this place just opened a few weeks ago and we were so excited to try it. basically it''s all you can eat meats and they come to your table and slice it for you, there''s a side salad bar thing but you hardly eat anything from there. we tried 12 diff types of meat! then we went to try a new tart yogurt place...for anyone who watches of the winners (or maybe he was 2nd place, can''t remember), Yul Kwon...opened up a Red Mango tart yogurt place in Palo Alto, CA which is about 20 min from us. so we went to try the yogurt....oh and Yul was there, i asked him some questions about the yogurt and what quality it was hehee.

    BTW Rod, you might get a kick outta this. we have so many tart natural yogurt places here it''s crazy. 3 opened up near my work in the last 2 months and then there is this new one in PA...and like 1-2 more are being talked about for the vicinity as well. and they are ALL DIFFERENT. i know you guys just have one place but it''s so funny when you go to diff places and every yogurt tastes different!! some are more tart, more creamy, less tart, less creamy, more icy, fave is mango flavor. anyway the trend is totally hitting us here finally, like 6 months ago we had maybe 3-4 places within a 40 minute drive...and now there are like 4 within a 20 min drive!!
  3. bee*

    May 14, 2006
    by bee* » May 25, 2008
    Evening everyone! Busy day today in work! Didn''t get to sit down for more than 5 minutes. D and I couldn''t go see our kitten today-the girl who has them had to bring her hubbie to hospital as he broke his leg so we had to put it off until Tuesday. D and I were a bit disappointed as we were dying to go see the little baby! We went for a long walk instead by the sea-the waves were absolutely huge! We then came home and took Mups out for a walkies. I have to be in work for 6.30am tomorrow morning so will be having an early night tonight!

    Rod-I''d heard that I am Legend is meant to be very scary! I didn''t go see it as I heard that the dog died and I hate seeing things like that in movies. Glad you had a nice dinner and FroYo!

    Marcy-Amber will still be my number one girlie so she''ll always get my attention! I used to work in the spca over here and I did it for 8 years. Amber came to work with me every weekend and she adores cats! I used to clean th 40 cat kennels and all the kittens would climb all over her so I''d say that she''ll love having a little kitten of her own. That''s such a pity that you''re allergic to all animal hair. I''m allergic to hay so everytime I go up to Raffles, I''m in bits! That''s amazing that you''re down another pound[​IMG][​IMG]Only four more to go! WOW!!!!! WOOHOO!!

    Lorelei-sorry to hear that you''re feeling blah. I know what you mean about the weather.

    Steph-glad to hear that you had a great day! That slide sounds fun!

    Appletini-yay for all the hard work paying off at the gym! It''s great getting compliments after working so hard!

    Mara-that was appletini that posted that pic so she deserves the credit for the leg warmers!! We ate at one of those Brazilian steakhouses in NY-it was so tasty but we totally pigged out on the buffet bar before the meat came around. It was delicious!!

    Talk to you all tomorrow. Night!
  4. somethingshiny

    Jul 22, 2007
    by somethingshiny » May 25, 2008
    Sorry I didn''t read through the posts. I''m getting ready to go to little sis''s baccalaureate. But, I had to come in here and get some info...

    Today during yoga, I was able to "revolve" my triangle pose further than before. I really felt my chest open up and the strain across my shoulders. It didn''t hurt when I did it, just kinda felt weird. Now, though, I''m still feeling "open". Did I injure myself, or what??


    have a great tomorrow!


  5. marcy

    Feb 27, 2007
    by marcy » May 25, 2008
    Hi. Happy Sunday! I woke up a lot last night (first I was hot, then I was cold) so I am sleepy. Rats. I got up, went to visit my parents, went to the mall to get 2 pendants cleaned and checked, turned in a ring to be sized, then went to a few other stores for assorted items then bought groceries for the week. After Marty was done playing golf we met for lunch. I had some Italian nachos, 2 small pieces of cheese pizza and we split a warm cookie. I am very full right now so I doubt I’ll eat another bite today.
    Lorelei, I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for your encouragement about my opener for this coming week. I am excited. I need to work on it. I have 4 more pounds to go then will work at another 10 pounds.
    Steph, the peach cobbler sounds yummy. I love peaches. The water slide sounds really fun and HIGH. I am sure Andrew thinks it is great. Sorry you are sore this morning but wow did you get a great workout. I did have fun jewelry shopping; now I just have to find the $$ to buy a matching bracelet. I am always working on my next treasure. [​IMG] I am very excited at being 4 pounds away from my goal.
    Appletini, that is wonderful you had a great time at the wedding and received several compliments on how great you look. Your hard work has certainly paid off.
    Mara, the tornados were very scary. Your steak dinner last night sounds really great with a lot of variety and how wonderful they bring it to you and slice it at the table.
    Bee, sorry to hear about the guy breaking his leg and that you can’t get your kitten for a few days. Amber will have a blast with her own kitten; that is cute they climbed all over her at the kennel. Thanks for the Woo hoo!
    Somethingshiny, I don’t know a thing about yoga but I really hope you are okay.
    We are going to see the new Indiana Jones tonight. I am anxious to see it.
    I''ll check in later. [​IMG]
  6. Rod

    Dec 28, 2005
    by Rod » May 26, 2008
    Happy Memorial Day! It seems funny that this is a three day weekend. We used to love having three day weekends, but when you have seven day weekends week after week, it''s not particulary special to have a three day one........LOL

    Never got a chance to check in yesterday. We had a good day. And did the usual things, including a very productive workout at the gym in the afternoon. We cooked Maryland style lump crabcakes for dinner last night, with fresh silver queen corn - SO SO GOOD. Then after dinner we wound up at Sbucks under the oak and it got breezy and the humidity went away and we wound up sitting at a table of younger people (all from different countries) until well after 11:30 last night. It was really fun and we enjoyed the conversation so much. One person was from Turkey, another from Egypt, one from Germany and another from Bulgaria and one was from Lebanon. Charlie and I were the only two who were born in the US. Such a nice group of people to spend some coffee time with.

    We''re not doing anything special today. We may go to a movie and have dinner at home.

    Sorry this needs to short, so no individual hi''s to everyone. Have a great day and I''ll write again later.
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