Health info for us baby boomers!


Sep 3, 2009
I just can't get excited about yet more alarms on health. Seems to me boomers are healthier than their forebears. And more involved mentally for their ages.

One reason more medical problems occur now in all generations: before the last 50 yrs, say, thousands of people died younger from things we now can fix. A tendancy toward many illnesses, such as heart disease, some cancers, etc., is often inherited -- therefore, more of those genes remain in the gene pool, when their bearers would have died early before. Follow? Lots of people with genetic predispositions to diseases & conditions do not die before reproducing & passing on those genes, as they used to. More people also live long enough to get age-related problems. In the recent past & before, the folks who were strong enough to make it to their 70s & beyond were usually very hardy types, so healthier.

It's one scare after another in the news. Makes me tired. So much of it is junk science or slanted by a reporter to get big headlines. Keep your blood pressure low by avoiding health articles designed to scare you! :razz:


Jan 10, 2009
I am just thinking about my friends who are taking care of their parents and helping out their kids. A few of them have no pension, while their parents do. Their parents retired when they were in the early 60s (a couple in their late 50s). My friends are not even contemplating retirement (they are close to 60). Their parents are in their 80s and do not have the health issues their kids have.( My dad refused to have his kids take care of him so he moved into an assisted living facility.) A few of their kids have moved back home after college trying to find employment. One of my friend's parents who are in their 80s are taking care of her while she is battling cancer.

In essence, I have many friends with health problems, while their aged parents are doing well in comparison.
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