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Having a PS vendor ship a stone in...what should I have the appraiser do?

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Dec 12, 2008
I found a stone from a PS vendor (USA Certed) that I think I''m going to have shipped in (feedback on this site has been that it appears to be well cut and may have some promise) and have a choice of two appraisers to send it to. Christine York is listed here so I think I''m going to go with her.
So, my question is, what tests/reports should I have her do to determine if this is the quality stone I''m looking for (it''ll actually be you fab PS folks helping me figure it out
)? What''s worth the extra money (it''s already costing me $50 to ship it in and it''ll be another $50 back if I don''t like it)? Thanks in advance!

Here''s what I know about the stone if this helps:

2.03 RB EGL USA - $14,260
Ideal Plus
E color
SI1 clarity - Vendor says that his diamond manufacturer people say it''s very eye clean.
Vendor says it''s H&A (EGL report has what I think is a generic H&A image on it)
Polish Very Good
Symmetry Very Good
No flourescence
No cutlet
Total Depth 60.9
Table 58
Crown Angle 34
Pavillion Angle 41
Crown % 14.1
Pavillion % 43.1
Girdle 1.2%-2.1%
Scores a 1.5 on HCA -
Very Good
Very Good


Apr 30, 2005
Hi Bari,

Ask Christine what tools she uses to evaluate cut - ideally it would be good to have ASET and Idealscope images to judge the light return of the diamond, a Sarin report to get detailed measurements of the diamond, and hearts and arrows images. Also she will be able to give you her professional opinion on the cut quality of the diamond.

It might say on Christine's website what tools she has available, also you could call and ask her.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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