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Has the Electoral College outlived its usefulness?


Aug 10, 2015
redwood66|1478877200|4096965 said:
wildcat03|1478870210|4096898 said:
redwood66|1478790384|4096339 said:
Tekate|1478790235|4096338 said:
it's funny, the people who thinks it's AOK, their candidate won! so I think the popular vote should count, and the electoral college is passe. Something from over 200 years ago has lost it's usefulness.
You would rather that 5 cities in the US decide who is president? Because that is how popular vote would turn out every time. Of course it would be a democrat every time and that is not how governing for the people is supposed to work.
So you are saying a popular vote would always favor a democratic candidate? That doesn't seem to be borne out historically (although twice in the last 16 years, it would have meant the inauguration of a different president), but if it were the case I'd argue that it would be time for the Republicans to make some changes, not necessarily an indication of a flawed system.
The only thing that would change it is if the Republicans in those deep blue states (Dancing Fire) did not stay home like they do now. They know their vote does not count. But the population in those major cities is so high compared to the rest of the country it is likely that it could not be overcome.

I think people do not understand that we are collection of sovereign states which is indicated in the very name United States of America, not a democracy. Each state has a right in the decision on who is the president.
It may be the case that the objectives of the electoral system are lost on some people, in part due to the droning message of "every vote counts". This message is more appropriate at the local levels where one-person one-vote does make a direct difference. It is misleading at the national stage when your vote happens to be a minority within a deep red/blue state. That's when you wished the national popular voting system was in play. Obviously, there's no one voting system that will appease everyone given the dynamic nature of this country but so long as the antiquated electoral system remains in place people [politicians] should stop generalizing the US as a democracy.
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