Has Natalie K made anyone else wait FOREVER??


May 30, 2011
My boyfriend had me pick out my dream setting about 6 months ago. I fell in love with a setting made by Natalie K. My boyfriend has kept me updated on the issues that came about with the setting. Only thing I don't know is an exact date it will arrive (obviously to keep some element of surprise with the proposal). Anyways, the setting is still being made overseas by Natalie K. Apparently the first ring made had a flaw so they had to scrap it and start all over again. It has been 2 months since the ring was ordered...and it is STILL not finished nor even on its way home! I'm just wondering if anyone else had issues with Natalie K taking FOREVER to make their setting? Personally, I don't mind the wait too much because it makes it that much more exciting...besides even if it came in tomorrow I still have to wait in anticipation for the proposal haha! BUT I'm just worried the setting will come back with flaws, or that other issues will arrise and the setting won't be finished for 52934538957 years! LOL! Just wanted to know if anyone else had experiences with Natalie K?



Jan 3, 2005
We don't have a lot of Natalie K ring owners here but the amount of time you've been waiting isn't unheard of when you are getting a designer setting. Hopefully, it will not leave their quality control department unless it's perfect. I'm sorry it's taking so long and hope you BF proposes quickly once he gets it so you'll have it wear soon. Please come back with pictures!
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