Harry Winston Setting - Blue Nile Diamond


Nov 1, 2015
Hi Everyone,

Great forum with so much insight!

My BF wants to purchase a diamond through Blue Nile. The setting that I fell in love with is a Harry Winston pear with either pears or baguettes (he has baguettes from an heirloom ring that we're going to try to use if possible, if not my preference is side pears). Blue Nile can put together a similar ring but there's something clunky about the settings (or at least, as they appear online) to my eye.

I've also noticed that the HW ring only has 5 prongs vs. 6 prongs for BN. I also find the bands to be a bit clunky.

Therefore, he'd like to use a custom jeweler. How possible is it to recreate a ring (the lovely woman at HW allowed me to take photos) and how much more costly is it? Should I just be happy with the BN purchase that ultimately probably isn't that different?

He also made the argument that if we used a jeweler he could order a few different pears and see which one we liked best.

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