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Handmade custom ring, done but not quite!

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Oct 7, 2006
I had a local jeweler custom hand make my platinum setting for my 3 stone e-ring for my girlfriend. I left my diamonds with the jeweler just before leaving for a 2 week vacation and I just got back and checked it out today. Unfortunately when I went to pick it up, the jeweler had forgotten to include one of my customizations (I wanted it to taper in on the top). The Jeweler I had arranged things with was not in today (he doesn''t work mondays) so I will be going in tommorrow to see what can be done.

One thing I"m worried about is that since it is handmade, I''m assuming that the pieces that need to be tapered including the crown will need to be rebuilt and laser soldered back on, i''m hoping it wont take too long as I wanted propose in 2 weeks or so. Also I noticed one prong wasn''t perfectly symmetrical to the rest on the center stone, I''m hoping it can all be fixed very soon, it did however look very beautiful and I was almost going to just accept it as is, but the lady who was helping me at the jewelry store said I should just leave it there to get it fixed so I can have the ring I really want :)

No real questions in this post, just ranting out of excitement/nervousness.


Nov 18, 2004
She gave you good advice. Don't take possession of it until it meets the specifications that you had agreed upon with the jeweler. The prongs need to be adjusted so that they are symmetrical. Once it's finished, give it a thorough going over before you leave the store. Custom rings are awesome, but you want to catch any flaws in workmanship before you leave. I can't wait to see pics, good luck!!!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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