Half Eternity and dimensions


Oct 19, 2009
My fiancee really likes Memoire's petite shared prong 9-stone 0.5ctw half eternity. Unfortunately, it is out of our price range.

We are thinking of going through BGD to get the Dream Half Eternity (which is similar to the Memoire). BGD's Dream Half Eternity has 11 five-pointers. One of our options is to go with 9 six-pointers. One of my fiancee's main concern is that she doesn't want to be able to feel the stones on her pinky and middle finger (hence getting a half eternity).

I'm afraid 9 six-pointers (making it a ~.55ctw ring) would cause the stones to cover more surface area of the band, and she would be able to feel the edge of the stones/prongs.

Comparing 2 rings of identical ring sizes, how many more mm would the .55ctw cover than the .5ctw? Is the difference too minimal to even be concerned?

Does anyone have the Dream Half Eternity (besides Dreamer_D) and how well does it sit with your e-ring? Is it flush? Do the girdles hit the e-ring prongs? We want to make sure the stones sit low enough so there is no gap between the e-ring and wedding band.

Your help is needed! Thanks!
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