h&a and industry standard for ideal cut

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Apr 22, 2003
Is a diamond that shows the hearts and arrow pattern automatically considered to have the ideal cut proportions?
On a seperate issue. I have found on various sites that describe the ideal cut proportions and they all seem to vary slightly on the crown angle and pavilion angle (even on what the AGS defines to be ideal cut). What are the agreed upon industry standards for an ideal cut diamond?


Feb 4, 2003
AGS defines its "IDEAL" cut as a Proportion Grade 0. There are specific (in my opinion rather wide) numbers for the AGS Grade 0 proportion (defining "ideal" depth, table, crown angle, pavilion angle, etc.). These numbers (I'm sure somebody else will post them as I don't have an AGS chart handy) are (seemingly) basically the generic "ideal cut" numbers by most industry standards.

Hearts and arrows patterns can be exhibited by stones well outside the AGS Proportion Grade 0. AGS 1 and 2 stones can be H&A. Just because a stone is H&A doesn't make it "ideal cut." Just because a stone is "ideal cut" doesn't make it H&A.

Here's a logic game for you:

1) Some H&A's are "ideal cut", some are not
2) Some ideal cuts are H&A, some are not
3) most diamonds are neither
4) the rarest diamonds are both (hence the priciest)

Here's some more info:

Within the parameters of AGS 0 proportion grades there are EVEN TIGHTER proportions which are considered by many people to be the "ideal ideal cut". Are you confused yet?

You generally get what you pay for.


Feb 22, 2003
I follow all that, RB. But, I also got out and looked at diamonds, live and in person.

I saw Master Piece H&A line diamonds at a Maul store chain. Looked thru the viewer and saw the patterns, whole 9 yards.

I went to a local B&M that carries Ideal cuts. Interestingly enough, the owner said most of her Ideals would exhibit the H&A patterns but she doesn't own a viewer to show the hearts and arrows to customers. Also, equally interesting, her Ideals did not sparkle with vibrant color and glow from white light. Maybe store lighting is not the greatest. Dunno for sure.

I also found a diamond I was interested in thru PS, that the GIA cert commented, "Exhibits Hearts and Arrows pattern." When I got the Sarin, the HCA score was well over 2 and only a recommended buy if the price was right. For just a few hundred more than the price of that diamond, I got a truly Ideal cut, AGS Certed, BRANDED H&A, same color, same clarity, and slightly larger carat weight diamond. Did I really pay more for the quality??!! Only slightly, considering the added carat weight of the Branded H&A.

Yes you can have a non Ideal H&A, and yes you can have a non H&A Ideal. An Ideal H&A is truly a sight to behold and, to me, well worth the slight premium paid.
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