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Jun 12, 2011
I am still waiting to get my surprise gift. However, since I have some time at hand I would write down my shopping experiences and express my thanks to other pricescopers I learned so much from. Anyway, take home notes of shpping in GOG

1)High quality stones! I was very hesitated to buy from GOG at the first place since I thought they are a relatively smaller company who carries a smaller inventory of stones and I would want a bigger pool or stone to choose from. However, if you have enough diamonds knowledge, you will find, you only wanted the high quality ones and GOG has a inventory which they hand selected most stones and have a reason behind every stone for the reason why it is in their store and why it will be a good buy for your reuqirements. You will save a lot of time and quite some amount of money when buying from them.

2) Real expertise! They are really the ultimate information site for diamonds. The people all knows a ton about diamonds and they have all the equipments you either know or not know for all the possible test on the performance of diamonds and they will surely ring your peace of mind during on line shopping.

3) Good customer service! They allow customer to have their own pace since people need time to think about what they will truly chrish for a life time. And having one representitive to guide your through your journey of diamonds selection is also nice. You could develop a trust between each other and the representative could know you better and provide better recommandations. Sarah is very honest and patient with clients, and I felt I could rely my desicion on her description.

4) Fair and competitive in pricing! Unfortunately I personally experienced 3 times of market price jump during the enagegement ring shopping and everyone's night mair at this time is that you reserved certain stone and fianlly found the price increased for several hundred bucks to make the stone out of your reach. Well, with GOG they have a system not completely based on the market. If you found some stones you like in their store, you don't have to worry that the price will increase like crazy after one night's sleep. They could think in the customer's shoes.

Well, here comes the real purchasing story of how I reach the conclusion I had above:

I first came across the web site of Good old Gold when I started to learn about the 4Cs and other knowledge about diamonds. I was very impressed with the website since it seems that they really know what they are doing and they really want you to know what you are buying. Another impressing thing with GOG is that they receive all the warm testimonials and positive reviews on line, Sarah and Jon's names were kept mentioned. I also found out Jon is a pretty active member on pricescope and he answers technical questions on line about the propotions of diamonds and etc.

However, when I searched their catalog, I found there are pretty limited number of diamonds listed and none fit our desire and budget at that time. (Well, later I learned that they just carry some particular selected diamonds based on their light performances and price range. Besided, innitially we did not have a crystal clear mind about what we want either. )

We decided to buy from some other larger on line venders who carries a huge stock of diamonds, and did have selected some potentials. They provide photoes, certificates and idealscopes for certain limited number of diamonds you chose. They also have some nice customer service like 24/7. I was not a really desired customer since I tended to change my mind as my knowledge of diamonds grew. Those sales representatives were all nice and polite and they could keep a record of each customer's activity. However, I could tell their background knowledge of diamonds are not at the same level and at certain times I felt I was kind of pushed to make a decision of purchasing somehow. What I really don't like about the sales system is that they could not have the final two or three diamonds you selected to put together to make a comparison and judgement (since the diamonds are not in house and are from different places). After quite some mind swing, We finally circled two finalist and wanted to have a comparison of the light performances, however, the ideal scope all look quite the same and the gemiologist was very late in response, we asked about germax and was told it's not available. We wondered and we wondered and decided to try our luck.

We tried to email Jon at good old gold for some adivice on how to select the better performer from the two and did not expect any response from them. To our surprise, Sarah replied our email, and indicte we could rely on Jon for his expertise in the diamonds selection. She also generously offered Jon's email to us. We emailed Jon, but he was on a business trip, Sarah told us to wait a while until he came back.

Well, then things started to change to a different path~~ We were only allowed to reserve the diamond we selected for 24 hours with the bigger vender. Just after that 24 hours. It was a friday and the price of the diamond jumed $400-600 US dollar, and greatly exceed our limited budget. That was the last straw on the camel's back and we decided to leave those stones we spent month to select from to their sellers. We think we will do business with Good Old Gold.

So I ask a sarah whether she has something on her stock since she sound so nice and our communication is smooth. She gave us a recommandation and the stone was a much better qualitiy one than the ones we previously looked for and at a cheaper price after the bank wire transfer. We were not so certain, so we asked for a Germax report and the next day we received the report and the little stone stored very very high in its light performances. There comes the peace of mind.

We setteled down for that stone, and started to look for a engegement setting. Again, I was a newbie. I was not a perticular jewelry women and have never set my mind on it. I needed to learn from the scratch and develop a taste. And as most women out there, I found myself bacially love everything out there and kept changing my mind on which one to choose from. Sarah was extremely patience and took a lot of pictures on some blurry concepts I described. the communication is smooth and she is not pushing me to make the decision. we reserved the diamond with our credit card for more than two weeks and she could still keep her temper with me, I should say Thanks a lot! The price of the rounds kept jumping up during that period of time and our stone remined the initial price when we first saw it.

And things started to change again. I was pretty bothered since the stone took a big share in our budget, we were not left too much margin for the setting and I had almost no other choice except a super plain band. I was not happy and suddenly I discovered a AGS0 1.03ct J I1 stone at the price of under 4k after wire transfer. I never thought I could accept the clarity grade of I1, however, the picture and test result showed that this is nothing visible facing up and the stone has an excellent light performances. We consulted Sarah and asked for her advice and sarah told us it's a very eye clean I1 and did comapre the two and give us some valuable suggestions. we did not request Germax again since the previous communication already built the trust between us. Then I caould possibly use the money for a better setting.

The stone I bought:

My search for the setting did not last very long, since when I was on a business trip, BF bought the stone from GOG and a setting he knew I would love and decided to give me a surprise. The ring is still in the jeweler's hand and I have not seen it in person yet. He told me he received all the possible documents he could expect from a diamond vender and a nice wooden box for the diamond. He said he was blinded with the diamond and he spent quite some time to play with the stone under different light conditions and was thinking of wearing it himself. :) That's quite soemthing to hear from a guy who once told me he thought buying diamonds is like putting money on fire~~~

In general, if I am going to buy diamonds agian in my life, I think I will check GOG out first since they really won my trust and heart during this shopping experience. and just like what I have told Sarah, I have never regret my decision of switched to do business with them. Thanks a lot GOG and thanks a lot Pricescope!


Jul 17, 2011
They are one of the best If you want an absolute perfect H&A diamond with perfect proportions. I just wouldn't recommend someone who doesn't know diamonds or who doesn't know what they are looking for to go there first.

Reason- They only have perfect diamonds, and you pay a preimum for it. They do have a few non-ideal diamonds, but they tend to be the ugliest version possible to make theirs look even better. For example they will show you a GIA VG diamond, that is the uglest VG possible, just so you feel good/certain about paying for perfection. I feel you should at least see a good 60/60 diamond or a very attactive GIA ex or vg diamond that slightly falls outside of perfection, before you make up your mind you need the best.

Don't get me wrong if you know you want perfection, the prices are very good for what you get. Way............way........better than Hearts on Fire.

Final notes- They are very flexible on color (D-P), but not cut...why? I'm from the school of thought you want the best looking diamond for the best price. I personally would get a diamond just ouside of ideal proportions (can still be just a pretty), and spend the savings on better color or a bigger diamond. Excellent cut diamonds can be just as pretty as perfect diamonds. Until the internet, most diamonds sold were just outside of ideal proportions because they were cheaper, had typically had better spread, and the loss of beauty was so slight most people couldn't even tell (better value.) Europe still feels this way their "prefered" diamond has a table of 59-62, depth of 58.5- 60.1, crown angle of 32.5-33.8, etc. (better spread with minimal affects on its bueaty)


Mar 28, 2001
Firstly, thank you kindly pigypan for your kind words. Truly you have been a pleasure to serve.

Hi Liam, thank you for your comment as well however when people are shopping online each individual has a comfort level. The diamonds you are describing (32.5-33.x crown angles, larger tables, shallow depths) are visibly different than what this client purchased and generally suffer from too much head/body shadow. YOU may have a personal preference for these kind of diamonds that fall outside of the GIA Ex/AGS Ideal zenith but our experience after showing thousands of comparisons to people both live and via the net teach us differently. I agree there can be some good 60/60's but with the information most websites publish its really a crap shoot unless you have the proper data.

The nice thing is whether you are looking for that kind of stone or H&A with top optics you will walk into your decision with us with both eyes wide open plus receive testing and data that go beyond simply cut. Peace of mind is what we're about.

Kind regards,
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