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trvl lover

Jan 1, 2003
For those of you who are thinking should I buy a diamond online? Let me pass on my humble oppinion, Yes! But be very educated!
Since I have the experience of a runaway bride (4 fiances have taken me engagement ring shopping) and since I work for an airline, I have an ample oportunity to fly to any jewlery district in the world and buy a nice stone. For a year and a half I have looked online and never truly excited until I saw a stone on I was impressed with the fact that unlike most sites, I could see an actual 10x view of the stone and its GIA certificate as well as its idealscope and BrillianceScope readings! :love:
Still, I was leary of sending any money over the phone because what if I didn't like it? What an inconvenience to send it back! Yet, I couldn't let this stone with Ideal cut proportions .69 E IF clarity slip away! So, I flew cross country on a red-eye night flight just to see it in person. I was surprised to find a very, very honest small operation with extremely personable people just as surprised to see me. I was welcomed and treated like extended family without any "salesmanship" pressuring me. Baruch Gutwein and his son Judah didn't even try to upsell me anything else and gave me good advice about getting it mounted. They added to the sentimentality of my diamond by becoming genuine friends. Anytime I hear about someone wanting to buy a diamond I will definately tell them to go wholesale and buy directly from!:love: :love: :love: :love:


Mar 21, 2001

Surprised indeed, and very happy to meet you.

It was a great visit and we're really impressed that
you flew coast to coast in 1 day to see
and purchase your SuperbCert Princess.

Best wishes,
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