Great Experience at I.D. Jewelry

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Apr 1, 2009
I learned a tremendous amount from Pricescope''s diamond tutorial, and checked all diamonds with HCA.

Don’t worry, this is no April Fool’s review…

I recently went to I.D. Jewelry in the NYC diamond district to help my brother pick out the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend. (I was going to be in NYC for other reasons and added a stop in the district to my itinerary). After getting educated on diamonds ( my brother pre-screened loose diamonds on their site to finally end up with about 5 candidates for the center stone, and the two sides stones were narrowed down to about 8. My brother emailed I.D. Jewelry and Yekutiel replied back that the stones would be ready for inspection upon my arrival. I arrived into NYC two days later and visited their store on 47th Street (the diamond district). I was well received by Yekutiel and his staff. Prior to my arrival, Yekutiel screened the diamonds himself to setup an order for looking at them. We started with the center stone, the first stone we looked at (which was one of my brother’s top three) under the loupe looked great. According to the lab report it was a SI1 clarity stone, and the only thing seen under the loupe (and on the lab report) was a feather in the crown facets. (Had it put under a prong). Everything else was totally clean, table perfect, no carbon, no clouds, nothing. I looked at the stone through the pavilion, also nothing. The stone was graded with an F color, and Yekutiel put it on white paper and I couldn’t see any hint of yellow, as expected. Yekutiel weighed the stone to verify carat weight. Last thing we looked at was the cut quality. By the dimensions on the lab report, I already knew it was it was an ideal cut. At my request, Yekutiel brought out an Idealscope and Hearts and Arrows viewer to look at the stone, very impressive. Finally we looked at the stone under normal lighting conditions, it really sparkled with fire, brilliance, and scintillation. At this point, I didn’t bother looking at the four other center stones; we scored a home-run, first time at the plate. I called my brother relayed the information, gave my recommendation and he told me to choose it.

The process for the two smaller diamond went the same way. (Both are F color, SI-1, identical carat weight, excellent cuts). After talking to my brother, he now had selected three fantastic diamonds. My brother wanted an 18k white gold 3-stone trellis setting and we found the perfect one. Yekutiel wrote everything up, gave my brother a competitive price and my brother bought the stones and the setting. I took the stones and a copy of the lab reports to verify them with an appraiser that I also found via The appraiser verified that everything matched the reports and was really impressed with the quality of the stones. I came back with the stones, Yekutiel checked the stones one last time and had one of the other staff members take me to the workshop where the diamonds were finally set, and the ring polished one more time. Afterward, Yekutiel checked the finished ring one last time, sizing and all, steam cleaned it, and put it into a beautiful presentation box. The last bit of paperwork was completed and acting as an agent for my brother, I left I.D. Jewelry extremely satisfied. As you can probably tell, I got into the nitty gritty and came out very satisfied, you do not need to this, I’m an engineer, go figure. One last visit to the appraiser to fully appraise the completed ring and then it was all done.

Yekutiel Davidov is a consummate professional, and I was glad to have met and worked with him, his wife Tami, his father Israel, his cousin Robert and all the other staff at I.D. Jewelry. They were very quick to answer our phone calls, respond to email inquiries, and a total pleasure to work with. I highly recommend I.D. Jewelry and look forward to doing business with them in the future… for myself!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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