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Mar 28, 2003
Hi I am wondering about this price, the diamond is a 1.32 ct round brillliant cut pol/sym G/G, I1 clarity and D color. This stone was priced for 5 thousand (with a platinum tiffany setting). What does it mean for the value that the clarity and color don''t correspond at all? Also since this ring falls within the I grade for clarity should it be avoided altogether? Thanks for your help


Mar 26, 2003
hey Jennifer-
Im looking at a 1.55 carat, F color, no flouresence, good cut, 1 visible inclusion- but Im hiding it in a prong.
Other than that- its beautiful....its going for 5500.00-
Im at the same crossroad- I like the I1 diamond I picked out- but from what I have gathered from this forum- It really depends on the color and severity of the inclusion. I think some I1's are better than others.
I just looked at some e-f color stones today, they were SI2- they were ugly! I can see black carbon spots all over them!!!!
And for thousands of dollars less.. I think Im getting a good deal... its this one inclusion and thats it...
Im hiding it under a prong

OH- and the depth is 60%
table - 56%
not too shabby...
GIA Cert.


Mar 8, 2003
What is the table and depth % of the stone?
What are the Measurements?
Is it GIA certified and if not who certified it?
What are the crown and pavilion angles of the diamond?
Are you sure you would want an I1, D. I would think in a stone that big the inclusions in an I1 would be very noticable. wouldn't you rather have an E or F SI2 GIA certified diamond? I noticed several out there under 5000 with good proportions for the same or less $$.
Just as an example:
1.40, F, SI2, GIA, 62.3, 58, 7.15 x 7.19 x 4.47, MED-THK, VG/VG, No FLR

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
If the diamond is a very good cut or better (AGA class 2A or better), and a nice looking I-1, (with the platinum mounting), then the price is a fair price, especially if it's from a bricks & mortar store. Not a steal, but not a rip-off.

You might consider getting the best of all worlds though, by getting a still VERY nice color (F-G for example), and an eyeclean clarity (SI2+ for example), with a killer cut. You'd still be in the same price range if you bought it through the internet or from a jeweler willing to "deal".

I just noticed that MTRB suggested something similar in his post...
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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