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Aug 29, 2006
I finally have some time to write my thoughts about my experience with GOG, our wonderful Diamond and Jewelry store, out in Massapequa Park, New York. It started out with a non chalant visit to GOG, since I heard some wonderful things about its customer service base, as well as its non pushy sales people. Those qualities in any establishment, will get me to come back, as a repeat customer. Amy, Jonathen, Karen, brought/introduced the stones, (not the Rolling Stones, though they should have been the houseband from time to time, as I made about 5 trips. I selected from their website, as well as their inventory excel spreadsheet. Viewed eighternity, solesfera, hearts and arrows. What the hell is going on here. Trips back and forth to the store, as diamonds look quite different when their loose. Looking for every girl''s dream of a large quality stone. Selected a round, brilliant, scintillating, and full of fire, ideal cut.1.70. Certificate emailed my Jonathen''s right hand man, Tim. Ahhhhh, its an Isee 2 diamond branded diamond. A factory that cuts the most exquisite, diamonds around. A score of 9.8 out of 10, from their ridiculous proprietory high power magnifier, which is used to read the ionized inscription, which is on the table of every Isee2 diamond, and Isee2 Analysis measuring device, which inspects the cut/quality, aspects of a diamond. The stone, inspected by a well respected appraiser, all thumbs up and good to go. Various tests thru the Holloway cut advisor, A superb cut, a fabulous diamond, absolutely stunning,outstanding symmetry, and full of fire.

Though every Isee 2 diamond carry''s a certificate on where and when it was cut, it also identifies the stone, as having an ionized inscription, on the table. Our respected, independent appraiser, could not identify the ionized inscription on the table. The toys Jonathen has at the store, re-confirmed the ionized inscription listed within the AGS cert, in front of my eyes. It was and still is a proprietory issue, with this brand of diamonds, as only a few respected jewelers who fill a quota, are able to "rent or purchase", these metal devices, for their stones. A sad state of affairs for the purchasing public, as I was "delayed" in completing the deal, with GOG.

Nonetheless, going forward, I let the cut of the diamond speak for its self, and man, its still "talking". It twiches and sparkles, and
scintillates, fire and brilliance of a true performer. Quite happy with the outcome of the selection process, patience, advice, and the quality of the stone. You Rock, GOG.

If we ever upgrade to an even larger stone, Isee 2 the way to go.

I had a custom made ring created elsewhere, that resembles a cross between a tacori and an antique setting. With an additional 1 carat of diamonds G-H vvs, around the entire shaft, on a 6 prong, its just gorgeous in her eyes as well as mine. The entire ring just
sparkles completely. It really is an elegant ring, as there was soo much though that went into this particular setting.


Jan 11, 2006
That is a wonderful report, which isn''t surpising to me since I also got a beautiful stone from GOG!

But where are the pictures of this beauty??????????????????????


Oct 21, 2006
yes, i agree, this post is worthless without pix, hehe J/K.. kinda
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