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GIA - League of Honor Members

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Nov 10, 2002
Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
League of Honor Members: Honor Roll of Donors

$5,000,000 or More
Mouawad Family
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
Assael International, Inc.
Salvador J. Assael
G. Robert Crowningshield, G.G.*
D. Swarovski & Co.
Helmut Swarovski
The De Beers Group
Nicholas F. Oppenheimer
Richard T. Liddicoat
Rosy Blue, N.V.
Dilip Mehta
The Steinmetz Group of Companies
Beny Steinmetz
Stuller, Inc.
Matthew Stuller
Tahiti Perles
Robert Wan
Tiffany & Co.
Michael J. Kowalski
$500,000 to $999,999
Argyle Diamonds
Gordon Gilchrist
Cartier, Inc.
Jewelers of America, Inc.
Michael D. Roman
Matthew A. Runci
JFPI Corporation
André Action Jackson
K. Mikimoto & Co. Ltd.
Toyohiko Mikimoto
Mikimoto (America) Co., Ltd.
Kikuichiro Ishii
South Sea Pearl Consortium, Ltd.
Nicholas Paspaley
The JCK Shows and JCK Magazine
Dave Bonaparte
Frank Dallahan
Hedda T. Schupak
Vicenza Trade Fair
Giovanni Lasagna
Andrea Turcato
World Gold Council
$250,000 to $499,999
Peter Gross
Anna Martin
François Curiel
Fortunoff Fine Jewelry
Esther Fortunoff
Helene Fortunoff
Ruth Fortunoff Cooper
Graff Diamonds, Ltd.
Laurence Graff
Japan Pearl Promotion Society
Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co.
Ronald Harder
Kwiat, Roisen & Ferman
Symon Ferman
David Kwiat
Lowell Kwiat
Sheldon Kwiat
Jacques Roisen
Kyocera Corporation
Kazuo Inamori
P. Lançon, S.A.
Georges Ruiz
Perles de Tahiti G.I.E.
Martin Coeroli
Leo Schachter Diamonds LLC/Schachter & Namdar Group
Leo Schachter
David Namdar
Michael M. Scott
Tasaki Shinju Co., Ltd.
Shunsaku Tasaki
$100,000 to $249,999
Amira Aya, N.V.
Hassan Ali Ahmad
BHP Billiton Diamonds, Inc.
Kowie Strauss
Boghossian, S.A.
Albert Boghossian
Jean Boghossian
William E. Boyajian, G.G.*
Chatham Created Gems, Inc.
Thomas H. Chatham
Codiam & Rand
Stephen D. Cohen
Cora Diamond Corporation
Ara Arslanian
Ralph Destino
Diamant International
André Action Jackson
E. Schreiber Inc.
Norbert Steinmetz
Eurostar Diamond Traders N.V.
Kaushik Mehta
Fred Leighton, Ltd.
Fred Leighton
Galaxy Diamond
Zvi Gutentag
Gembel, N.V.
Rashmi Mehta
Hearts On Fire
Glenn Rothman
International Jewelers Block & Fine Arts Insurance Services, Inc.
Howard Herzog
Ishaia Trading Corporation
David Gol
Ishaia Gol
The Kazanjian Foundation
Julius Klein Diamonds, Inc.
Martin Klein
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry
Lee Michael Berg
Lorenzo Jewelry Manufacturers (H.K.), Ltd.
Lorenzo Yih
Louis Glick Diamond Corporation
Louis Glick
M. Fabrikant & Sons, Inc.
Susan Fortgang, Ph.D.
Platinum Guild International
Huw Daniel
Premier Gem Corporation New York
Marvin Samuels
Premier Gems Trading Co., Ltd.
Wanthani Inkatanuvat
Rough Diamond Traders, Inc.
Philippe Laub
Joseph H. Samuel, Jr.
and the DeYoung Family
Sierra Gem Diamonds
Hassan S. Ahmad
Nazem S. Ahmad
Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry & Watches
Susan Eisen, G.G.
Tse Sui Luen Jewellery Co., Ltd.
Tse Sui Luen
Tycoon Cut Diamonds
Toros Kejejian
Toros Z. Kejejian
Chirag Shah
VNU Business Media
William Goldberg Diamond Corporation
William Goldberg
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